Holly Jolly Weekend

IMG_6737December is in full swing and we were busy all weekend.  Friday night was my company Christmas Party.  It is always an extravagant affair and this year was no exception but we had a lot more fun at this party than the last couple of years.  We had a good group to hang out with and plenty of cocktails.IMG_6723Gaslight Square is a lovely venue and it was a lovely evening although a bit warm.  By the end of the night even my hair started to curl…….CURL!  Edward’s favorite part was the men they had walking around shucking fresh oysters.  Everyone agreed they were the best oysters ever.  Throw in the pasta bar, sushi bar, cheese display and beef carving station…….there was plenty to eat and lots of entertainment. We had a great time.

IMG_6744 IMG_6728
Saturday we were up bright and early and had a ton of stuff to get done for our barbeque Saturday evening. Edward cut the lawn and finished the outdoor decorations. The weather was warm and muggy which made it a big job. Outside we added a blow up Mickey Mouse this year.
I spent the day finishing decorating, cleaning and cooking as quickly as my bad knee would let me (which wasn’t very fast) but I managed to get everything done in time. I know I have mentioned before but I really do love our house when it is all decorated for Christmas. Each year we add new items….this year it’s a couple of new wreaths and a nativity to the assortment.
It was a tiring day and I was happy to hit the bed when it was over.

Sunday we did almost exactly nothing which is what we needed. Add to it that it was a cloudy and drizzly day and we were happy to oblige. This time of year we don’t have many free days to do nothing so thank goodness we had one.

Next weekend is our last one before Rachel arrives for Christmas! We are very excited to have her visit and we even have a new kitty for her to play with…..unless I can pawn it off on someone else before she gets here. I even asked if a cat was an appropriate Secret Santa gift at work….lol.
I’m off to bed to rest up for a busy week at work. Have a great week!


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