30 Thankful Days– Day 28

Today I am thankful for Holiday Traditions.

The night before Thanksgiving Edward and I went out to eat for a quiet evening before the cooking fiesta on Thursday.  It was such a lovely evening and perfect for a drive.  So after dinner we drove a little bit looking at the stars and talked about our holiday traditions growing up.

Traditions are important…the root us in ritual and community.  They give us a sense of who we are and where we are going.  A good majority of most of our memories from growing up probably center around traditions.

Growing up for me holidays meant family–and a large family at that.  Every holiday was spent at my Grandmothers house and each had it’s own rituals.

Christmas, for example was the big one.  We always had a big family exchange but we couldn’t open gifts until after all of the dishes from lunch were washed.  And the MEN did the dishes and it took forever and ever and ever!  The anticipation grew and grew until we could finally begin the unwrapping.Amy & Kris in front of the Nativity

When I got married and had kids of our own the tradition only changed in its location.  No longer at my Grandmothers house in Iowa it was at my parents house in Colorado.  We started with family Christmas Eve service and then calzones at our house capped off with Birthday Cake for Jesus.Caleb-Samantha-Grandpa Jesus cake

Christmas morning was no longer a huge gathering it was smaller with my family, my sister, and aunt and uncle and cousin and his wife along with my parents.  It still held the same anticipation and we still tortured the kids with delaying the unwrapping as long as possible.Caleb Christmas2 IM000698.JPG

After my dad passed away and my mother moved back to Iowa things changed yet again.  Now it was just my sisters family and mine.  I had to do more cooking (transporting a turkey on my lap across town is always a treat) and yes…..we still delayed the unwrapping as long as we could.

Then I came to Texas and struggled for several years while I tried to figure out what our new traditions would be.  Eventually we hit on hosting Christmas Brunch at our house along with gift unwrapping.  I don’t delay the unwrapping as long as we used too because we are on a time frame.  Dealing with so many grown kids and other families our time only goes until about 1 pm but we still have the same community and family.  And it is our tradition now.  The tradition that our grandkids will remember as they grow up and when they have kids of their own.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????I am thankful for traditions and the role that they play in our lives.  And I am thankful that Edward and I now have our own traditions that mean just as much to me as any of them ever have.

Today I will start on the Christmas traditions by putting up the tree with all of our ornaments and my Christmas village and I can’t wait………..

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