Happy 2nd Birthday Big D!

IMG_6053Where have the last two years gone???  It seems like just yesterday I was ushered into the NICU, shown where to wash my hands and gown up and introduced to the littlest baby I had ever seen.1

He wasn’t at all happy with all the tubes and wires and it broke my heart that I couldn’t pick him up.  So I toughed his hand and I told him that I knew it had been a rough day but his next birthday would be SOOOOOO much better.  I think I will remind him of that on every single birthday. When did he get so big???

He has really grown up this year–talking and communicating like a big boy.  And he is a funny kid!

IMG_6038 IMG_6044

The big official birthday party will be Saturday but there was a small gathering for immediate family at Peter Piper Pizza.  David was happy to take my hand and lead me all around to the rides he wanted to go one.  When it finished he didn’t want to get off.  He would shake his head NO and say ‘Again’.  Once he got to the next ride the same thing would happen.


Once while taking a break he suddenly spotted me sitting down and came running over and patted my leg like ‘Come on lets go!”  At one point he wandered over by another birthday table and was eyeing all the gifts.  I could see the wheels in his head working……Hey, I didn’t get gifts. What kind of a birthday rip off is this??????

I can’t wait for the party on Saturday when he will get a piñata and birthday cake and lots of gifts.

Happy birthday Big D!  We love you and enjoy so much watching you grow.

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