A Gorgeous Day Calls For A Mental Health Break

IMG_5869I couldn’t sleep last night so about 1 am I decided today called for a mental health holiday.  I’ve only called in sick once in almost 3 years so I don’t feel too bad.  Instead of rolling out of bed before dawn I stayed in bed and my honey decided to stay with me.

It’s a gorgeous day and it was great to go to lunch on the water and enjoy the sunshine then home for some movies and enjoying the afternoon.  All in all its shaping up to be a pretty awesome day.


Last night we made the airline reservations for Apple-Lite to fly down and joint us for a couple of weeks over Christmas.  God bless a computer virus for a nice big bonus and  Southwest Airlines for having a well timed sale!!!

She’s going to get the full Apple Christmas treatment which is chaos x 100.  I hope she’s up to it!

???????????????????????????????We also had Lilly’s last kickball game of the season.  Panda’s ended the season undefeated!  Giuli and David were in all wired up and Guili decided he wanted to go home with us.  She couldn’t but she decided that It would be ok if she got to send Saturday with me.  So it looks like I may have an companion on Saturday.  🙂

I got there and one of the other family members asked me if I had done something different with my hair because it looked really good.  Ummmmm…….30% humidity and no wind makes my hair look amazing.  Lol!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Well the movie is wrapping up so I think it  might just be snuggle nap time.





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