Busy, Busy October

October is always a crazy month for us!  Football is in full swing for starters which takes a big bite out of our time.  Then birthday season is kicking off, throw in a few visits from friends and well, aren’t many free weekends.

IMG_5770Friday started off with a very nice surprise bonus in my checking account!  Woohooooooo!!!  Free money (And a decent amount of $$$ is always awesome)  Friday evening we had dinner at Pier 99 with Susan,  Her sister and another friend were in town and it was a nice evening for dinner on the water.  Although it was pretty breezy.  Exhibit A:


Sexy hair right?  Yeah I know…….

The waitress gave Ed a lot of grief for having dinner with FOUR women…..but he held his own pretty well.  We got to share some funny Susan stories and laughed a lot.  But we didn’t stay late since it had been a long week and there was football on Saturday morning.

I skipped Emilio’s football game on Saturday since Susan and the group had some appointments for wedding venue scouting.  Sign me up for that!  Susan’s daughter lives out of state and will be getting married next fall around here so ‘someone’ has to decide on where.  We went to Dancing Elk first and it is very nice but probably a little too large for the type of wedding they are planning.


But lovely!

Then we  went to Knolle Farms which we had high hopes for and we were not disappointed.  Lovely place with great ambiance.  I especially fell in love with the chapel area.  Even with rain showers around it was gorgeous!


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This place.   Wrapped up the day with lunch before they headed back to Austin and I headed home for a nap before Edward got home from football. While napping I kept hearing loud thunder but it stayed sunny at our house.  Poor Edward and everyone else got rained on for a couple of hours at the football field.  They finally called the last game because of lightening so he was home a little early.

They opened another ‘new’ Mexican restaurant in our area although it is a local chain but we decided it was a good place for dinner.  As we ate we kept seeing flashes of light outside but it didn’t rain here.  Until later at least.  We came home to watch some television and for some wild reason Mommacat suddenly noticed the action on the television.  It was hysterical watching her watch the cars and people move back and forth across the screen.

4 am I got up to a big thunderstorm and Mommacat sitting in the rain waiting to come back in.  We had several more storms come rolling through in the morning.  IMG_5856

This time of year Sunday’s are kept for sleeping and relaxing.  I stayed asleep until 11 am and Edward didn’t roll out until after noon.  Although he wanted to stay in bed all day.  We did make one trip to buy a sound bar for our new TV and the sound is sooooooo much better!  (Something nice to send part of my bonus on)  Then went to the movies to see ‘The Judge’ in the evening.  Not too bad of a day.


Now it’s back to work……….hopefully a calm week.  Have a great Monday!

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