Class Reunion Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend was Edward’s 40th high school reunion so it was a busy one for us. It started Friday evening with a pre-reunion get together at a local bar. Thank goodness that a cool (ish) type front came through on Friday morning since it was held on the outside patio. They had a good turnout and I know Edward had fun catching up with old highschool friends.
It’s always easy to spot the spouses at these gatherings. They all have the same look on their faces……lol. So my mission of the night was to find the best partying spouse/s and make friends. I was successful at my mission. 🙂 It worked out well and Edward to roam about and talk while I sat and did tequila shots with new friends.

Most asked question of the night to Edward was “are you retired?” And to me “are you a teacher?” So either all spouses are teachers or I look like one.

Saturday of course was CCYFL day. It was one of those gorgeous fall morning–perfect for watching Emilio and the Bronco’s play!
Lilly, Giuli and David made it to the game this week. David looked and looked and looked for Grandpa and couldn’t wait for the game to be over so he could see him. During the game Giuli and David kept picking me flowers off the weeds growing under the bleachers. They are so sweet.

Emilio had another good game and the Bronco’s came out with another victory. 2-0 on the season so far!

After the game I was the lucky one–I got to come home and take a nap before the reunion. Poor Edward had to stay at the field all day and it was a long day. By the time I got him home it was 6:30 so there was a mad dash to get showered and changed.

Of course we walked out of the house without the keys to the truck so I got the fun of climbing in through a window without snagging my stockings (yes I wore stockings) to get the keys. Good times…


IMG_5702 IMG_5744 I should say that I don’t dance.  I wish I could but I don’t.  But at some point on Friday evening (post tequila obviously) I may have agreed to some dancing so when some line dance started I was promptly dragged onto the dance floor by my new friend.  To the front—not the back where bad dancers like myself belong.10660215_713500765391229_4258400615254791151_n

Visions of Elaine from Seinfeld started running through my head.  I was pretty sure I would either be a laughing stock or Edward would be so humiliated that he would make me hitchhike home.  But in a miracle it was a simple line dance, I had consumed just the right amount of rum and I did good!!  Edward said so!!  I did good enough that we even danced together several times and he danced with some other classmates as well.1459912_783079771735141_5955373625078320809_n

It was a good reunion and everyone stayed until they threw us out of hall at midnight.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself.

IMG_5757 IMG_5756Sunday was sleep in, watch football, take naps and watch more Breaking Bad.  Little David wasn’t sure which football team to root for on Sunday so had to wear both shirts.   He was teased that when they had the Texans jersey on he was calling his agent for new parents with better taste.  🙂

That’s about it–it was a very nice weekend.

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