Kicky Weekend

What a weekend!  I’m (and I’m guessing our houseguest) am exhausted!  A nice kind of exhausted……………but exhausted all the way.


We had a wonderful time and did many things…..mostly involving food and alcohol and laughter.

Vicki arrived Thursday afternoon and Edward was there to pick her up.  By the time I finally got off work and made it to the bar they were nicely relaxed.  It took me a little bit but I did get caught up!

By Friday morning the rain was threatening and Edward had to go to work for a little while so we took the opportunity to get pedicures. I was waaaaay past due so it was great to finally get my toes cleaned up!
After that it was time for lunch at Padre Island Burger Company and a trip to the beach. Because of the low pressure systems and the storms the tides were very high and the seas were very angry but it was still fun.

IMG_5559 IMG_5561 IMG_5565 IMG_5557 IMG_5583 IMG_5587
Then we went home to make a shrimp boil and watch some movies because the weather was supposed to get nasty. There were a few squalls but the weather didn’t get really nasty until Saturday.

Saturday morning it was cloudy and storms were supposed to be ending. It was the first weekend of CCYFL so we headed out to watch Emilio play in his first game for the Broncos. He is a much improved player this year and has even earned a nickname…..BOOM!

Emily was in fine spirits wearing her special shirt. And Vicki got to meet Rosie, Edward, Edward, Zach, Patsy and Emily. David, Giuli and Lilly were all home sick so she didn’t get to meet them.




We had to leave at halftime because we were meeting some friends for lunch at Hesters at the Art Museum. Their food is awesome!!!!   It was great to get to see Naydene and meet Diana! And I’m very happy we picked a nice inside location since the storms were really rolling in!


And Susan got to join us and meet everyone! Right after lunch the rain arrived in earnest—the poor guys at the football field got completely soaked! When Edward texted to come and pick them up he asked that we bring towels and they needed them. It was pouring cats and dogs and there was even some street flooding. Needless to say we ordered pizza, had cocktails and told funny stories until we were ready for bed. The rain was nasty and there was flooding all over so it was nice to get to stay in and safe.

Sunday morning Vicki and I went to breakfast leaving Edward to sleep in and then to the mall for some shopping! We wrapped up the weekend with shrimp dinner at Laguna Reef and enjoying a little bit of trespassing.

As always the weekend went by too fast and I’m sad that she has to leave on a jet plane in the AM. 😦 But very happy that Vicki got to come visit for a few days!

And yes, she did comment on how nice the fridge looked—actually how cozy our whole house is.  And that’s just one of the reasons we love her.  🙂

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