Fall Is On The Way!

IMG_2176cI’ve been in a bit of a funk this month.  Part of it is the usual ‘post vacation’ funk that happens every year but this year it was worse than usual because of some shit going down at work. My department has been relocating to Houston and after being told for months that my position wasn’t going to change it has become clear over the last few weeks that it is changing.  Things hit the fan the day before we left for vacation and it did put a damper on the whole week even though I tried not to let it.  It’s been pretty awful for me (and involved many tears which I just don’t do) and I can honestly say I haven’t been easy to live with the last couple of weeks.

I guess the good news is that I have a job even if I’m not  a fan of some of what I am doing now. (Although with much much much less pressure) But things are always changing and who knows how it will all work out.   I’m working on pulling up my big girl panties and adapting as best I can for the time being.

???????????????????????????????So after living through last week I was more than happy to have a rainy cooler (note I didn’t say ‘cool’ but it was cooler) weekend to snuggle in at home and relax my brain.  I wisely skipped Friday night lights since Edward had to go all the way to Three Rivers and came home and chilled with a bottle of wine while listening to the thunder.  Happily Edward made it home safe and sound.

Saturday we woke up to rain and perfect weather for watching John Wayne movies.  Which is pretty much all we did until deciding to go out for dinner and pick up a couple of movies.  We stayed up way to late but it was ok since we had no place to go on Sunday.  Other than a trip to the grocery store we did pretty much the same thing as Saturday.  Football, snuggles, movies and relaxing.

And spending money. Ohhhhh sooooo much money. Ouch….but I’m pretty excited for our new purchases to get here! New rug for the living room and a new television which we desperately need. 😄. And that’s why I go to work.


At different points over the weekend both Edward and I were told that we had gorgeous hair.  Although the lady who told me didn’t run her fingers through mine like the lady did Edwards……..lol.  Since I was about a millisecond from chopping mine off maybe it was a sign from God to keep going!  Guess I will hang in there until after Ed’s class reunion and see what happens. I am pinning a bunch of cute short hairstyles.

And it’s less than two weeks to our big KICKY WEEKEND!!!   We are soooooooooooo excited!  Guess it’s time for me to start getting the house company ready and stocking up on wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to work with a smile on my face in pleasant coolness (yes it is a fake smile but I’m really good a faking it) and counting the hours until I get to come home to my baby. And Susan is bringing dinner so no cooking for me!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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One thought on “Fall Is On The Way!

  1. Kicky

    Love the sound of the KICKY weekend! P.S. We can wine shop when I get there. I have been saving up for such an occasion. 😉

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