Snakes, Scars and Street Names


IMG_5304Yep…that is the summary of “Garner 2014 The Adult Trip”.  We had a very nice trip and enjoy it a lot but it certainly isn’t going to go down in history for the fun moments but for some other moments……lol.


I would guess after this may years you probably have the Garner routine down.  It’s hot.  I get grumpy setting up and tearing down.  The water is great.  We take lots of naps and many swims in the river.  We eat too much ice cream and hate when the Labor Day crowd shows up.  We look at stars and watch the bats fly each evening. And we hate to have to leave. 

Ok….the snakes.  I know people have mentioned that there ARE snakes at Garner but I have never seen one.  And believe me I look for them because I hate them.  I had deluded myself into believing that there were way too many people about and the snakes would likely hide in the deep outer reaches of the park.


Yeah, not so much.  On Tuesday evening we were enjoying the late afternoon early evening in our favorite swimming hole make friends.  Well, actually Edward was making friends as always while I floated around when something moving on the rocks are the edge of the water caught my eye.

SNAKE!!!!  Huge, hulking, probably man eating freaking snake looking at us as though deciding if he should come in for a swim.    Wisely deciding against it he leisurely turned and slithered his way up the shore.  There are no pictures of said snake because I was too paralyzed with fear.   Not a rattlesnake or water moccasin and after loads of online research I believe it was a milk snake of some kind but still.


I couldn’t find a good picture of the corner where said snake made his appearance but I can give an idea with a picture from our July trip.


So a snake.  And if that wasn’t bad enough on Sunday evening we were in another water hole fairly close to the other one and saw another snake.  This one was swimming IN THE WATER along the bank.  Talk about ruining our final dip in the water.  Not one snake but two one of which was actually swimming with us. 

I may never swim in the river in the late afternoon without fear again. 


Onto Scars…….Also on Tuesday evening.  (Huh, come to think of it it’s possible that the snake trauma caused the next event to occur)  We were having brats for dinner.  As I do, I pre-boil them in the electric skillet before putting them on the grill so we know they are cooked all the way through. 

For some (Stupid) reason I had the control for the electric skillet on the backside of the kitchen and as I leaned over reaching for the control to turn it off my boob came in serious contact with the electric skillet and the steam coming off of it. And since I didn’t have on a bra there my tank top provided little protection to the scalding. 

I burned my boob.  Badly enough that it blistered. It will probably leave a scar and it hurts like crazy.  I’ll spare you the pictures of it.   But I didn’t get a sunburn so I guess that’s something. 


Street Names. Often behind the curve Edward and I started watching Breaking Bad on AMC when they started showing reruns a few weeks ago.  Knowing that we would miss two weeks which would be two seasons we ordered 3 and 4 to watch on vacation.  It gave us lots of interesting things to talk about and  we spent a lot of time coming up with new street names for  each other….LOL.


We did drive around a but looking at properties.  We would really like to move to the area—now just to find employment to support that move.  Lol…….but then we would have to come to Corpus to come to the beach! 

Now we are home……there is nothing like spending a week or so camping to make you really appreciate the luxuries of home.  It is always wonderful to go away and wonderful to come home.  And home is where we will be for the next few months since football season is getting into full swing.  🙂


Have a great week!

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One thought on “Snakes, Scars and Street Names

  1. Kicky

    SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lions, and tigers, and bears are one thing.. but snakes??
    Nice pics, and I am sorry your booby was injured in the pursuit of dinner. Next time get extra long tongs for flipping those babies.

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