It’s Like Christmas Eve

In the summer……….

Our bags are packed (not really but the will be tomorrow) cat sitter scheduled and we are ready for vacation! Woohoooo!

Poor Edward was trapped in Houston the past four days for a national sales meeting so we aren’t quite as prepared as usual. So instead of leaving tomorrow morning we will leave Sunday giving us a bit more time to get organized. Poor baby was exhausted when he got home last night. So we had wine and snuggle time and an early bedtime.

I’ve heard “River Song” on my drive into work every morning this week. Even the radio is helping me get ready for vacation.

Next week will be devoted to relaxation and enjoying each other in a lovely place. We need this vacation!

Once we get home football season will be in full swing and before I blink it will be Christmas. Sigh…..summer always goes by too fast.


In some not so good news Princess Emily was admitted to the hospital last night with a suspected spider bite and fever. Poor baby.


She is doing better thiorning and they think she may be released today. That’s certainly good news!

Have a great weekend!

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