I’m Not Watching Much News These Days

IMG_5128And I’m not reading news on my computer or the newspaper.  And on a couple of days this week I had to even stay off Facebook.  I don’t even have anything to write about.

The news in the world makes me sad. The cruelty of people to each other makes me sad.

I’m tired of hearing about people hurting, being hurt and deliberately hurting each other.  Especially when it doesn’t feel like there is anything I can do about it. And with the 24 hour news cycle it is so easy to feel like that is all that there is in the world. So I’m turning it off and spending more time reminding myself of the beauty. 

There is hurt, pain and cruelty but there is also love, joy and light.  And I fully believe in the power of that light.  And I’m making a more conscious effort try to try be move loving and patient.  (That includes not yelling at stupid drivers who slow me down on the way home from work–progress not perfection)  I’m snuggling with my honey and our kitty cats and taking naps and playing on Pinterest and watching 80’s movies and eating Chinese food. 

And I’m counting down to vacation where I will be unplugged some more.  Vacation is good!


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