Quiet Weekends

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of rest and fun. We had a pretty quiet one which is exactly what we needed after the last couple of busy ones.

Other than dinner and drinks Friday night at Executive Surf Club we didn’t really go out and do anything. We slept late, took naps, got caught up on laundry and house work and watch a lot of movies. Edward wasn’t feeling well on Saturday so I was glad we could just hang out together.

We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of thunder and rain on the roof. We didn’t get too much but it was great to get a little. Perfect for snuggling in bed until almost noon. 🙂 It did cancel our plans on the water of course but it was ok. Some other time.

Boy when Mommacat decides it is time for us to get up there is no persuading her differently. She stomps on the bed and flops on top of both of us and starts clawing at the bedspread. If we throw her off the bed she comes right back. Relentless that cat!

I did get some pictures printed from Garner week for everyone and a new collage put together for our offices. Always nice to have updated ones. I hate that I didn’t get very many good pictures of Emily–next time I have to make sure to do that.
In some not so great news my oldest son was admitted to the hospital yesterday and will be having back surgery today. He has a herniated disk that is causing numbness so the doctors aren’t messing around with it. He is far too young to have to be dealing with this—-darn family genes. Thankfully my sister is there to help speed the process of getting him into a surgeon and will be there to help during his recovery. He is in a lot of pain so they admitted him a day early.

That’s about it for today—time to head back into the salt mines. Have a great Monday everyone!

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One thought on “Quiet Weekends

  1. Kicky

    My thoughts are with your son, Amy. So hard to have that happen and not be near. xo

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