This Is My River

This is my river I don’t own it but it’s mine
along with every soul who’s ever rode a tube or wet a line
To me this place is sacred
there are those who feel the same
This river’s just like holy water running through my veins


I will post more about our trip tomorrow but it has been a long day….heck it’s been several long days and I’m tired.  We had an awesome trip with almost all of the members of the family.  Six of the seven grandkids were in attendance and kept us jumping from start to finish.

I think over all there were more than 20 people who came and went over the week.  The only serious damage was a family friend who slipped and fell on the rocks badly breaking her wrist.  A few sunburns.  Lots of scrapes and bruises and I got stung by something on Sunday and my hand is pretty swollen tonight but I think I’ll live.

I took a ton of pictures and it took over an hour to get most of them uploaded to Facebook last night and that was after a two hour nap.


But for tonight I’m going to sleep!  Full  recap tomorrow!

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