My Awful No Good Very Bad Day

I know every day is a gift but where is the receipt for Monday? I want to return it for another Friday!

Ugh…..what a miserable, terrible, yucky, depressing, etc…..etc…..etc… it was today. The move to the new office (as expected) didn’t go off without a hitch and I am less than excited about the new seating arrangement. A ton of things aren’t working correctly and everything is just in a general uproar. I’m sure it will all get sorted out in time but today wasn’t a good day.

I told Edward this morning if I could have afforded too I’m pretty sure I would have walked out the door. In fact I know I would have. Alas, a quick check of our checking account reminded me why I couldn’t do that.

And I only have to make it too 3 pm on Wednesday and I get a nice, long weekend away from all of this!

So I had planned on cooking but really wasn’t in the mood so Edward suggested Padre Island Burger Company. Good because I was starving……(no microwaves at work this week yet). As my luck would have it we pulled up to find their kitchen closed.

Insert swear words here.

So we went with out back up plan………Laguna Reef. And once we got there we discovered it was $2 margarita night. PRAISE BABY JESUS! I started ordering drinks and told my honey if he knew what was good for him I wouldn’t suggest any judgey looks. Lol………..three drinks later my mood was much improved. Food helped too.

Oh and one kind of nice thing–the band to match my ring finally arrived.  I like it–nice and simple. Exactly what I wanted. 20140721-222606-80766300.jpg
I think I might make it. Less than 48 hours from now we will be relaxing at Garner and getting ready for some river sitting the next day. I can’t wait!!!!

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