Garner Family Week Is Here

About half of the family headed out on Saturday and the rest (including us) will be arriving on Wednesday evening for our annual family vaca. It’s always a fun and busy week and completely different from our much quieter vacation in about 6 weeks.

Saturday was load out day which is always a lot of work. Making it even more fun was the heat and humidity Saturday—completely oppressive. Just stepping outside was enough to make you start sweating. Lucky for me I got to spend more time inside than out entertaining Lilly and Giuli. They were both so excited about Garner that you would think it was Christmas.

They kept me entertained by eating all of Edwards donuts, drinking my sodas, asking a ton of questions and running around like crazy kids.  I finally got them sitting down watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation which calmed them down for about 2/10th of a second.

They got safely to Garner Saturday evening and got the two campsites that they prefer. So now we know where we will be staying on Wednesday night!

I had a busy weekend trying to get everything done at home that I needed too. I think I’m packed and the house is almost in reasonable order. Now just to confirm the cat sitter, buy groceries and make it through 2-3/4 work days! Then we will be Garner Bound!
Have a great week!

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