Enjoying Long Holiday Weekends

Honestly is I could just manage to work 4 days a week, even 10+ hour days I think I could be a reasonably sane person. One day to play and a couple of days to rest up and get caught up at home is perfect! Now just to find a job that allows me to do just that.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for the beach on the 4th of July. The winds were light….the skies blue….the sand on the beach was firm so no worries about getting stuck and the surf was reasonably gentle and heading into low tide for most of the day. That is perfect for the little ones because it gives them lots of room to run and play.
And the water was a gorgeous teal blue! Of course Edward rolled me out of bed so we could get kind of an early start. ‘Kind of’ because by the time we got packed up, got ice and waited in the LONG breakfast taco line we didn’t get to the beach until almost 11 am. But we will got a nice spot.
Vanessa had to work and baby David’s asthma has been acting up lately so they didn’t come but everyone else was there. Giulianna and Emily have no fear of the surf which made keeping up with them a challenge. If Giuli saw Lilly and the boys out further she would take off after them with no recognition of how deep the water could get.

Emily and Giuli had fun playing with the bubbles although Emily doesn’t really know how to blow bubbles yet. The wind was strong enough that just holding the wand up made the bubbles blow but Emily kept putting the wand to her lips. Lol….she wasn’t a big fan of the taste of that.
As always I spent most of the day sitting in the water and playing with the kids. Edward, as always made friends with a young couple, Sarah Jane and Walker who were camping across from where we parked inviting them to join us for hot dogs. They and their dog Dillion spent most of the day with us and they were really fun. They moved to Austin from Georgia 6 months ago and came down to Padre Island National Seashore for the weekend. Sarah Jane even sat with the kids for a long time playing which was wonderful!
Dillion LOVES to catch things…balls, Frisbees you throw it and he will catch it. Our kids almost ran that dog to death throwing balls into the water. Emily loves puppies and played with him a lot too!20140705-205841-75521636.jpg
Walker even gave the kids skim boarding lessons and Edward made great progess! I realized on Thursday that Emilio only calls me Grandma. He never calls me Amy. The girls go back and for between Amy and Grandma and Mamo. It just depends.
It really is awesome that we can gather together as a family and have days like this with everyone together and genuinely have a nice time. We stayed until after 7 pm and I’m sure not one of the kids even made it off the beach before they crashed out. I know Emily has a sunburned scalp and Giuli’s back got soooo dark. I have weird random sunburns all over the place…..the top of my feet, my back, a spot on my forehead and (oddly) the back of my knees. And sand all over my body.

It was dark by the time we got home and got everything unloaded and cleaned up. Showers after days at the beach always feel awesome! I had quite a collection of sand in the tub that is for sure. We didn’t even hear very many fireworks at the house which made the cats happy. Then a light late dinner and we were ready for sleep! Certainly better than fighting the traffic that we heard horror stories about after the fireworks downtown.

Saturday was a glorious day of doing not much of anything. We slept late and did some house work, watched some movies and took an awesome nap. I woke to Mommacat laying on top of both of us and Rascal laying next to my head on the other side. Edward did manage to get the lawn cut too. Having a bonus day on the weekend when we can just do whatever we want it such a treat.

I cooked steaks, asparagus and baked potatoes for dinner and we watched another late movie. All in all a very nice day. 20140705-205840-75520298.jpg
We stayed up much, much later than usual probably due to the long afternoon naps and slept in later again Sunday morning.

It was almost a no makeup weekend but on Sunday we decided to wrap the weekend by baking a cake and going to a movie.  I managed to get most of the house cleaned and all the laundry done.  All in all an excellent weekend!  I almost feel  ready to take on tomorrow.  At least until the alarm goes off at 5:28 am…..lol.  And it’s just a few weeks until Garner Part I.  🙂

Have a great week everyone!



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