Happy 4 Day Work Week!

Happy Monday Everyone. Although, is there really such a thing as a happy Monday? Honestly, I’m not sure what freak of nature occurs on the weekends that makes time speed up so much. Even on weekends when we don’t do much the time just flies by. In fact this weekend we did exactly nothing. Nada, zip, zero, zilch, not a darn thing.

I got home from work on Friday and Edward had been to the store for a few things and brought me home flowers as a special treat. It was a very nice treat and they look awesome in our new vase. As we have been doing often it seems we had a light dinner and went to bed early. Earlier than even I go to bed on week nights. But we were both tired I guess. 20140629-170018-61218157.jpg
Saturday was a pretty lazy day. It was very windy and not a good day to go to the beach. On top of that some rocket scientist decided closing one of the lanes on the highway to the island for ‘road work’ on a Saturday in the summer was an excellent idea. I’d like to know what moron made that fantastic decision. Traffic was backed up for miles. So going to the beach was out.
Instead Edward got his haircut while I cleaned house for a bit. Then we watched a couple of movies before going out to dinner. Ed’s pick this week was Chili’s. It was a pretty nice evening followed up by a trip to Target for a few things. On our last trip Edward was horrified that I didn’t have travel sizes of some of my items. Ok…..any of my items. It’s not like space was an issue so I just tossed in my shampoo and stuff……apparently he didn’t that that was an efficient use of space so while we were at Target he loaded me up so now I’m all ready for our Garner trip in just a few weeks.
Sunday was even lazier. I had some work do to which took a little bit but beyond that we watched more movies and relaxed even taken a very late afternoon nap. Honestly, I needed a weekend of relaxing. We did make a few plans for next weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for family beach day! 🙂
Now it’s off to work for what promises to be another busy week.

But it’s just a few weeks until Family Garner and a few more until our vacation! I can do it…..I can do it…..I can do it………

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