Quick Weekend Update

Just a quick one today.  In celebration of the first weekend of summer we finally got our first real good beach day of the year! It’s been a terrible year for seaweed which has really put a damper on our trips out. Finally the seaweed has started to get better. It’s still thicker than usual but at least we can get to the water now!
It was a pretty day with nice warm water.  Certainly the latest we’ve gotten in the water in a year.  And I made some awesome chicken salad for lunch.  I did manage to trip over a log in the water and sit down abruptly while stubbing one of the toes and shin.  There was even a little blood involved but I’m going to live.

Great way to spend a Saturday.   And to finish off the day Edward got his homemade apple pie with ice cream!
Sunday we finally got to sleep in and then Susan and I went to have pedicures!  We’ve decided we need to do this regularly because pretty toes are very important! Especially in the summer.  Yay!  My poor sore toe didn’t like the experience too much but at least it looks nice!  I’m trying to talk Edward into joining us sometime because I think he’d really enjoy it but so far he is in the ‘No Thanks” camp.


This time it’s patriotic toes!  Now let’s see if I can keep them looking good until the 4th of July. And I found time to buy an adorable new Nine West Purse.
Oh I almost forgot about a sweet cat story from Saturday morning. I got up a little bit before Edward did and was in the kitchen turning on the coffee pot. I left him sleeping with Rascal on the bed. Suddenly I heard a blood curdling scream from the bedroom–a scream I knew meant Ed had woken up with a bad leg cramp.

I ran into the bedroom to help stretch it out and as I stretched and rubbed his calf Rascal came over from his corner to where Edward was looking very worried. Rascal came up by Edward’s hand and started licking it as if asking what he could do to help. He stayed there the whole time until Ed’s calf relaxed and he could get out of bed.

It was so sweet. Especially considering how easily Rascal is spooked. He really loves Edward.

Sigh….tomorrow is Monday already (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) but at least I get to have lunch with my pumpkin!  🙂

Have a great week everyone!

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