Happy Birthday Edward!

I think we put together a birthday weekend that covered everything Edward wanted to do and he had a blast while doing it.

Friday night at 5 pm we headed out on the highway to Utopia. It was a nice trip with cocktails even and while we did run into a bit of rain and lots of lightening it was still a good trip. And we got to the cabin right about dark to find that the Sabinal river had lots of water in it! It was awesome sitting on the deck in the dark and listening to the water babble and the frogs croaking.
And we got there just in time for a gorgeous view of the Friday the 13th moon rising. The color was gorgeous!

Early Saturday morning we woke up to thunder and a nice little rainstorm. It had all passed by the time we got up and the weather was perfect. We started the day with mimosas, blueberry pancakes and of course BACON. Because, well, BACON!

After breakfast we went to explore the river behind the cabin. We startled a couple of deer and even saw a turtle and some fish in the river. The area with the falls was so pretty.



Susan and I even sat in the river there for a while until we decided to go to the Frio. Because of the rain it was a bit muddier than we are used to be it was still fun.


I ended up with a pretty decent sunburn and a giant bruise on my shin thanks to some hidden rocks. Edward had fun though. After swimming was over we cleaned up before dinner at Lost Maples Café.

Then dinner we went back to the cabin and enjoyed the rest of the evening with cocktails. It felt do nice in the breeze that the hours (and number of drinks) just went by in a flash. Edward even hung in there with Susan and I. We were impressed!

And we felt it the next morning. We haven’t had hangovers in a long time and hangovers like that in a long, long, long time. Can’t say I’ve missed it. It was a rough day.


Bad enough that we just skipped breakfast and picked up something on our way to San Antonio. Edward really wanted to watch Corpus Christi Hooks play the Missions in San Antonio. As luck would have it the only weekend game they did that was Father’s Day.
It was very, very warm but we had an umbrella which helped. He also wanted seats right by the visitors dugout so I bought him aisle seats right behind it. Great seats!
Great game and the Hooks won easily! We also had some awesome snowcones which helped us rehydrate. After the game was over we were hot and sweaty and worn out. As I suspected we would do we went to the hotel to check in, took cool showers, ordered pizza and got ready for the Spurs game.

We did take a nap during the first three quarters. 🙂 But we were up for the good part of the game. Once it was over the city erupted! Our hotel was by Market Square and even there traffic came to a halt. All you could hear was honking horns and people cheering. Pretty exciting but we were happy to safely in our hotel and not dealing with the crazies.

Monday morning we took our time getting dressed (finally feeling like we had the hangover behind us) and went to Mi Tierra for breakfast. Yummy!


Then we came back to Corpus Christi arriving in early afternoon with just enough time for a nice nap before dinner at Laguna Reef with the family.






We got to see all of the grandkids (Except Ryan although we did get a new picture of him) and little Edward who had practice. It’s nice that we were outside and had a very helpful waitress who scored a very nice tip–including a couple of cupcakes!

All in all my honey had a great birthday. I’d glad that we could make it as nice as we did! I’m sure I forgot home important stuff but I’ll fill in later in the week as it comes back to . 🙂

It was a great weekend for me too since my work phone was off. Completely off. Of course that is going to make tomorrow ugly I’m sure but it was great this last weekend. Now I’m going to get some sleep and get ready for the week.

Happy birthday love! I love you and am looking forward to many more birthday’s with you.

Bonus his birthday gift was delivered on his birthday! Awesome! Can’t wait to take it to the river for our tunes!

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