Weekend Adventure

 The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.Joseph Campbell

20140608-201459-72899295.jpg Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  It is certainly full fledged summer here and the heat and humidity were on in full force.  Thank goodness for good air conditioning!

Saturday was the Goliad Canoe Trail float on the San Antonio River.  They hold it twice a year, once in June and once in the fall.  We can’t make the fall event but had planned to go last June.  Unfortunately, we had big thunderstorms shortly before and the river was flooding so it had to be cancelled.

This year we got lucky and the thunderstorms hit a week earlier.  While it was dicey in the end the waters had dropped enough that the float could go on!   We stayed in on Friday night so we could get to bed early and Edward hauled me out of bed at the crack of dawn to make the 2 hour drive to Goliad.  It was a pretty morning for the drive (although, let’s be honest….I would have loved to have slept in).

It’s a very nice set up for the float.  We drove to the drop off location outside of Goliad and dropped off our kayaks and then went back to the state park to leave the truck.  Once there a Ranger took us back to the launch.  They even had some nice burly men to help take the kayaks down to the river which was a good thing because there were LOTS of steps!


It’s 6-1/2 miles back to the state park and with good flow we expected it to take 2 – 3 hours mostly of steering.  It was warm and humid and still nice so we slathered on the sunblock and headed out.

100_0711 100_0715 100_0721 100_0722 100_0729 100_0736

It was so peaceful going down the river listening to the birds.  We saw a couple alligator gar, some buzzards, cows,  a turtle and some kind of fish that came up right next to me and scared me but I can’t tell you what it was just some kind of icky fish thing.  As the day went on it did get warmer so I was pretty happy for the shade along the banks.

Miles 1 – 5 were awesome.  But mile 5 – 6-1/2 never seemed to end…….even with just steering our arms got a little tired.  It was very good practicing for steering and learning control since there were lots of logs and branches in the river.

100_0743 100_0745

Around the next bend surely would be the end….nope……the next one…..nope………Finally we saw the bridge by the park that heralded the end of our journey!  Alleluia!!!!


And they had more burley men at the state park to help get us and our kayaks out of the water and back onto solid ground which was a good thing because getting out wasn’t any easier then getting it in.  And they served us lunch afterwards too which I really needed.  I never get shakey from low blood sugar but I did on Saturday.

I guess 3+ hours of paddling will do that.  It will also give you blisters if you don’t wear gloves.  Ok, just one little blister but still it hurt!


After lunch it was the long drive home—made longer by the fact that we were both wiped out tired.  It was all we could do to keep our eyes open and as soon as we got home and took a quick shower we climbed back into bed for a nice long nap.    A very nice long nap.  In fact I think we probably could have stayed in bed all night but we got up for some dinner and little TV.  And to clean up the kayaks and get them put away.  While we were doing that the cats had to check everything out.  They must have smelled funny.


Sunday morning we woke up to assess the damage from the day before…..lol.  Some sore shoulders and a blister (me) but we were none the worse for wear.  We didn’t even get sunburned!!!  Edward took me to breakfast and Academy before going to see “Edge Of Tomorrow” at the movies.


Basically “Groundhog Day’ set in a war.  Not the best movie of all time but it was entertaining.  That’s about it outside of a little laundry–the adventure the day before took a lot out of us.

Next weekend is Edward’s big birthday extravaganza!  I got the hotel reservations made over the weekend too.  Can’t wait!  🙂  But first it’s another work week.


I woke up this morning about 5:20 and the sleepy part of my brain said YAY it’s Sunday you can sleep in! Then the more wide awake side of my brain said WRONG it’s Monday. Ugh! Then when my alarm went off a few minutes later it sounded all muffled. Muffled because Rascal was laying on top if it. Guess he wNted me to stay in bed too. Although I had always thought the vibrating phone would freak him out.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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