Hello Three Day Weekend!


IMG_3130Happy Friday!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

And 5 pm can’t come fast enough for me.  As usual the week before a long weekend is a whole new level of crazy at work and it’s been exhausting.  I’m so tired in the evenings and my favorite moment of the day is when I get to climb into our super comfy bed and know that I don’t have to get out of it for 6 or 7 hours.

Actually that is probably my second favorite moment……..my favorite moment is when Edward snuggles up next to me and pulls me close.  Yep, that is easily my favorite moment of the day.  But right after that it’s knowing that I don’t have to get up for several hours.


It doesn’t seem like the weather is going to be fantastic this weekend which is kind of disappointing.  I was really hoping to get to do some kayaking this weekend.  And with all the seaweed it doesn’t look like the beach is going to be a great choice either.  Maybe pajama movie day again!  I’m sure we will figure out something.

Monday is family BBQ day so that’s something to look forward too.

What I do know is no trips to the office for three whole days!  Of course I’m still on call but working from home is always an improvement over the office.


And next weekend is my big birthday extravaganza!!!  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and take at least a moment to think about the men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.


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