Happy Cinco De Mayo


Last week Edward reminded me that Friday was the 5th anniversary of him moving in with me full time.  🙂  Wow…….5 years.  It hardly seems that long.  It’s certainly sweet how much he remembers special dates, far more often than I do.  So to celebrate he wanted to go out for a special dinner to someplace we had never been.

Since it turned out to be such a nice evening we decided to drive to Port Aransas and pick a restaurant there.   We ended up at Virginia’s On The Bay.   A lovely open air restaurant right on the water.  There aren’t many days here where we have low humidity, reasonable temperatures and just light winds. We picked the right night that’s for sure. It was a spectacular evening and we got lucky enough to get a table right on the rail.  We enjoyed a romantic dinner while watching the sunset and even saw some dolphins out in the bay.

20140502-213120.jpg 20140502-213132.jpg

It was such a nice romantic evening with tasty food and very nice service.  Edward told me during dinner that he has never been happier than during this time with me.  And I can say the same.  Every day is brighter with him in it.   Life is good and we are so blessed to have found each other.

20140502-212938.jpg 20140502-213415.jpg 20140504-204741.jpg20140504-204708.jpg

Saturday was a busy, busy day.  Edward invited a childhood friend who grew up close to him over for dinner who was visiting from out of town.  Of course that meant we had a lot to do. I spent the day getting the house company ready while Edward did the yard.

It was a fun evening and Edward and Nena had fun catching up over dinner and a few bottles….I mean glasses of wine.


Sunday at long last was the first beach day of the season!  Whooohoooooo!   
Although we did give serious consideration to just staying in bed all day.

It was a bright sunny day but very windy and the seaweed is terrible and awful.  Certainly the worst that it has been in several years.  There were mountains of seaweed!!!!   Gross. But we found a nice clear spot and enjoyed the afternoon with cocktails and laughter.

As I warned Susan beforehand the first beach day is always pretty disorganized and it was!  I even forgot my mug for drinks and had to make do with.  We joked that this was kind of like a “Naked and Afraid’ beach day only we weren’t really afraid or naked. 😉

The sun felt awesome and I can’t wait to go back!  And hopefully the seaweed will go away soon too. Of course now I have weird random sunburn spots all over my body. Upper thighs and my lips seemed to get the worst of it this time. Story of my life.


So another hectic happy weekend!  Enjoy celebrating Cinco de Mayo everyone!  Fajitas and margaritas at our house tonight!  🙂



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One thought on “Happy Cinco De Mayo

  1. Kicky

    LOVE your new bedroom!!!

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