It Was Sure Emilio’s Weekend………


Time for the busy weekend wrap up.  We had a very busy weekend……and I’m worn out.  We got a lot accomplished and enjoyed a lot of activities but we were busy, busy, busy.  I’d love to take tomorrow off work just to rest up but that’s not on the agenda.

For the first Friday evening in a while we didn’t have any real plans.  So when I got home from work the first thing I wanted to do was unpackage the new quilt set for the bedroom so I can see how it looked.  I loved the colors but I wasn’t sure how on board Edward was going to be because it was a complete change from what we have had before.  Needless to say I was a little apprehensive but once I put everything on the bed he said he really liked it.  He was also pleased with how much it brightened up the bedroom.

With that finished we went out for dinner and then off to search for drapes that matched the new set.  I didn’t think it would be easy because the colors are different but we hit the mother load at Big Lots!  Sheers and drapes that matched perfectly!  I really really like it and Edward says he likes the color in the room too.  Yay!!

20140427-183804.jpgSaturday morning we actually got to sleep in in our beautiful new bedroom.  🙂  We’ve been so busy the last few weeks that there was a lot of catch up to be done at home.  I cleaned like a crazy woman and Edward cut the grass again.  Ugh….tis the season I guess.   The weather was warm windy and muuuuuugggggyyy.  Basically yucky and at least I got to stay inside most of the day.  We were busy until it was time to go to the rodeo.

Emilio was back in the mutton busting so that meant a return trip to the Buc days Rodeo for us.   He did really well and had a great time even if he didn’t win.  His Dad made sure he had a special outfit to wear.  He said that some of the cowboys backstage were jealous because he had better sponsors than they did……lol

.20140427-183320.jpg emilio mutton busting 4 Emilio mutton busting 2 emilio mutton busting 3 emilio mutton busting 5

And here is his ride in all its glory:

But this is my favorite picture from all the one’s taken.  Emilio getting ready for bigger and better things…….lol.

emilio mutton busting 1

The rest of the rodeo was very entertaining too.   I have great admiration for all those people getting on those cranky animals.

Sunday morning I had to roust Edward out of bed because we were due for brunch at Susan’s apartment with her daughter and boyfriend.  Mimosas, blueberry pancakes and bacon.  Yummy!!  It was great to spend time with Emily and Shane too.


I had gotten our work tickets to the Hooks game for Sunday afternoon.  I wasn’t too excited since it was going to HOT but it was kids day so we picked up Lillyanna and Emilio and headed out into the heat.  (For the record I voted to just skip it but thankfully was outvoted) Once we got to the field the kids got their jerseys and we went to stand in line for the spinning wheel game.


While standing there one of the Hooks people came up and asked if Emilio would be interested in throwing out one of the first pitches.

WOULD HE????  I have never seen that kid nod so hard.

20140427-183335.jpg 20140427-183347.jpg 20140427-183406.jpg 20140427-183415.jpg 20140427-183427.jpg 20140427-183448.jpg 20140427-183457.jpg 20140427-183530.jpg 20140427-183545.jpg

He made an awesome throw and we were so proud of him!!!  What a huge weekend he had!

Then we settled in to watch the game.  Lucky for us my work season tickets are always in the shade and as hot as it was that was a blessing. I didn’t even get sunburned!   It actually wasn’t too bad sitting and watching the game and both kids had a good time.

20140427-183558.jpg 20140427-183636.jpg 20140427-183651.jpg 20140427-183701.jpg 20140427-183710.jpg 20140427-183722.jpg

Once the game finished we were all worn out so after dropping off the kids we went to have dinner then home to nice cool showers and a relaxing evening.

On Sunday Baby Ryan also went to his first baseball game in Virginia with his Mom, Dad and Grandma!  Just in time for his one month birthday.


Based on how everyone was dressed in the pictures it was quite a bit cooler out there than it was here.  Lucky them!

Now I’m going to relax the rest of the evening before another busy week.  I had a great weekend with my love.  What a blessing to live a life filled with love and joy.

Have a great week everyone!20140427-183738.jpg


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