Happy Easter Everyone!


I hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend surrounded by the people you love.  Our weekend fly by in a flash and I wish we had a couple more days off to recuperate from it!

Friday was an exciting day at our house…….it was ‘take down the old crappy bed and set up the new spiffy shiny king sized one day’!!!!!!  I hadn’t realized how much work it would be.  Oh my the underneath of the bed of so dusty!!!!  I had to wipe down and vacuum and scrub everything from top to bottom to get ready.  I even cleaned the carpet!

It took all day and I was exhausted by the time we were finished but it’s up and the new bed is huge and WONDERFUL!!!!  Plenty of room and with excellent support.  Hopefully our new comforter will be delivered this week and we are trying to decide on a new headboard but we are making good progress.  I’ll have pictures when it is all completed.  🙂

20140420-115812.jpg 20140420-115821.jpg

The cats thought the mattress in the living room was the most awesome idea ever!  Friday evening was movie night before trying out the new bed…..did I mention it’s awesome??  It is.

Saturday we slept in and had a late breakfast and then went back to getting things done.  Edward did the yard for the first time this year which is always a tough job but it looks great.   I had some shopping to do but we still found time to take a nap before our hot date.

For Valentine’s Day I bought Edward tickets to see George Lopez and that was Saturday night.  We started with dinner at a new place, Mesquite Street Grill.  We had a nice dinner and will probably go back again.

10171271_10152385723035909_1865339984730786255_nIt was a funny performance and we had a really good time.  Although, I will say it drove me crazy (and Edward too) how many people arrived significantly late.  I mean really?????????  The show was scheduled to start at 8 pm and didn’t actually start until 8:15.  George Lopez didn’t go on until around 9 pm and even when he was really into his set people kept showing up.  SMH…..and the lines people were willing to stand in for alcohol?  Crazy!!!

Afterwards we went out for a few cocktails before home to our fabulous bed again.

Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny which was a surprise.  We had been told that we would have yucky weather so this was a nice surprise.  We made caramel rolls and French toast and bacon for brunch.

20140420-115950.jpg 20140420-115912.jpg

After that we started to move furniture yet again…….this time we had to swap out the bed frame and box spring from our old bed to put it in the guest room and get rid of the not quite so good one that was in there.  It was another big job but I’m thrilled that its done.  Then nap time until it was time to go to David and Vanessa’s for dinner.

We hadn’t been to their new house and it was good to see it.  It’s a great house and will be perfect for them and the kids.  All of the grandparents were so happy that they have their own place……..lol.

Easter was crazy like it usually is.  The kids ran crazy with cascarones and we all came home with confetti EVERYWHERE!  I mean everywhere.  There was a full house and everyone had a nice time.   The weather was perfect for sitting in the backyard and enjoying the entertainment.  And there was plenty of entertainment.

Then it was home to get ready for another week.  I have my fingers crossed that the week is calmer than last weeks was….I don’t think I can do another week like that again.

Hope that everyone has a great week!


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