Busy Busy Weekend

20140413-180040.jpgHappy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great and restful weekend filled with fun!  We had a pretty eventful weekend and were busy almost the whole time.

Friday evening started with dinner at Laguna Reef and more than a couple of cocktails.  Especially since we had a ridiculously long wait for a table.  I ended up having to do some work about three margaritas in……..ooops.

After that it was movie night at our house which went on kind of later.  Much later than it should have.  As I recall we finally went to sleep about 1 am.  Which normally would be fine on a Friday but on Saturday morning we had to get up early since it was moving day for Susan.20140413-180106.jpg

Yeah……6 am was a bad time  for all of us but we still got up and  moving.  A trip to Rockport and back and we had her all moved into her new abode by noon!  Awesome!

I know she will be happy in her new place but the house seemed pretty empty when we got home.  We took a nice long nap before going back to Susan’s for our first dinner.  I took a nice gift basket and a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift.  We had  pizza and even took a picture of the first pizza delivery!


Sunday we slept in…..something we needed after our busy day Saturday.  I’m not envious of Susan who still had to unpack.  Mommacat went right to work reclaiming the guest room.


In the afternoon it was time to go watch Little Edward play some baseball.  He even pitched a few innings.  We got to see Lillyanna too.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

They didn’t get to the championship game but played a good game.

Then we had the highlight of the weekend.  Possibly of the month.  We went to pick up our new king sized mattress!!!!  We needed one badly and it finally came together.   Our new bedframe will come in later this week so by next weekend we should be happily sleeping on a new comfy bed!  Our new bedspread probably won’t be in until the week after but that’s ok.  We can rough it for a little bit.  What I do know is that our backs are going to feel a whole lot better now!

Edward and I even managed to get the mattress into the house all by ourselves!

I think that’s about it.  Short work week for all of us thanks to Good Friday!  YAYYYYYYYYY!!!  Have a great week everyone!



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