Just A Dreary Monday


Happy Monday!  It’s rainy and chilly yet again…….Edward commented that he couldn’t remember the last really nice weather weekend we had.  Thank goodness that the rain and drizzle held off until after the birthday party on Saturday or it would have been miserable.

I know I posted about the birthday party already but there were a few other things we did this weekend.  It turned out to be a busy one.  Saturday morning was Lillyanna’s first kickball game.  They are the Bluebonnets!


They have some learning to do…..but they have good potential.  And we got to see David and Guilianna.  David had a ball and was throwing it to Grandpa.


They lost their first game but won their second decidedly.

Sunday we went to Rockport to see a play — “The Amorous Ambassador”.  It was a pretty funny play and with several laughs.  Then we went to the cemetery to look at the wildflowers.  The Rockport Cemetery is known for its wildflowers in the spring and it didn’t disappoint.  Of course the weather could have been a bit more sunny but it was still pretty.

We wrapped up our Rockport trip with dinner at Pops.  Mmmmmmmmgood burgers and a drive through Goose Island State Park.

All in all we were pretty busy!  And it’s going to be a busy week.   A busy short week…….Thursday night we are off to Hill Country for the weekend!  Yay!

Of course based on our recent luck with trips lately there is a very good chance that some catastrophe will either require us to cancel or cut it short.  😦  But I’m hopeful all will be well!  We really need this weekend away.

Time to get to work.  Have an awesome Monday!

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