Erin Go Bragh & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And what a lovely St Patrick’s Day it is!   Another cool front came through on Sunday and after a little rain it turned out to be a lovely afternoon.   Its nice a cool this morning but should be a pretty day.


We had a  very nice weekend.  It was the weekend for the Annual Texas Independence Wine Classic in Refugio.  We have been every year and wouldn’t have missed it this year.  It’s always fun to catch up with some of the wine makers we know and enjoy some nice wine and music.  Not to mention have a few glasses of wine.  We bought a few bottles of our favorite peach chardonnay that we will drink when we got to Hill Country in a few weeks. 20140316-193530.jpg

Since this is a fund raiser for their museum they had some battle reenactments and people in period dress.  Edward decided to fight with the Mexican army……lol.20140316-194123.jpg20140316-193549.jpg

We had a very fun afternoon!  After a few glasses of wine it was time for lunch.  Edward decided to drive to Victoria and take us to the Pumphouse.  One of my favorite places to go!

20140316-193601.jpg 20140316-193623.jpgThere we ordered some burgers and margaritas and enjoyed some more time being HILLLLARIOUS!!!  By this point Edward was the designated driver so he wasn’t as HILLLLARIOUS as Susan and I were.  🙂

20140316-193637.jpg 20140316-194455.jpgThen we took the long way home to see if we could find any wildflowers.  There weren’t as many as we would have liked but we did find some in Goliad.

20140316-194025.jpg 20140316-194037.jpg 20140316-193653.jpg

There was a lovely red ball sunset to keep us entertained on the drive home.  It was dark when we got home but still time to watch a couple of movies before a very late bedtime.

Sunday we slept in…….I love to sleep…..but I also hate to waste my days off in bed.  It’s a catch 22!  After breakfast Susan and I went to look at her new apartment.  It’s very nice but we are going to miss having her around I think.  She’s the perfect house guest and she cooks!  Edward loves that she and I can sit in the evenings and chat about dresses and stuff that he doesn’t care about.  🙂  And while we don’t generally eat out often we are eating out even less because there is someone else to share chore.  Kind of like having my own wife!

Ok where was I?  Oh, after looking at her new apartment we went to mall so I could finish buying Princess Emily’s birthday gift.  The Gymboree store was pretty happy when I finished there that’s for sure.  By the time we left the mall it was raining so after a stop at the grocery store for provisions we came home and I enjoyed listening to the rain while I took my nap.

Then Susan and I started Sunday dinner.  We made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.  Mmmmmm and far better than Church’s or KFC!  And Susan made a decadent rich salted caramel pie.  OMG was it fantastic!  Did I mention we are really going to miss her when she moves into her own place in a few weeks?

20140316-194547.jpg 20140316-194816.jpg

We had special Cosmo’s while watching our new Sunday series “Cosmos”.  Keeping with the theme and all.  And before I knew it was 9 pm and almost time to go to bed and the weekend was over.  Sigh………..And for Susan and Edward it ends their spring break.  Poor Edward spent most of his vacation days sick but at least he is feeling better.

We will celebrate St Patrick’s Day tonight with Reuben sandwiches!  Or as we are calling them to Edward Rueben Ceapaire’s.  🙂  Celebrate safe everyone!  Happy Monday!20140316-194049.jpg

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