Loving This Spring Break Weather……..

A tiny part of me feels kind of bad for the people down here on vacation this week—at least until yesterday afternoon.  Cloudy, rainy and cold isn’t any one’s idea of a great spring vacation.  And it isn’t going to be very warm the rest of the week–not as cold but not hot by any means.  And today it is WINDY!

Unfortunately it seems like it is par for the course for us.  And at least the sun came out yesterday afternoon!!!  Just seeing blue sky made me feel happy.  But on our drive home we could see the fog off to the east already trying to come back in.  It looks kind of spooky almost like a really big fire!

20140311-203900.jpg 20140311-203922.jpg

I know that a month or two from now we will be begging for a couple of cool days but right now I am ready for some nice warm days.    And I’m really over walking through mud to work each morning…..yuck!

Just as I was finally starting to get over my nasty cold it moved on to Edward.  UGH!  Poor guy is coughing and blowing his nose like crazy.  And poor Susan sitting in a room with Edward coughing and blowing and sneezing and me sneezing and blowing and coughing………She might want to consider a hazmat suit.  I’m hoping to be 100% by the weekend but Edward probably has another week or so to go.  😦

Caleb 12 weeksAnd of course today I wish a happy 27th birthday to my oldest son.  27 years ago today was a bright sunny day in Colorado when you came screaming into the world and changed it forever.  I swear it was just last week you were a not so tiny baby–my goodness how fast you grew up.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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