100 Days Of Selfies

Starting a bit over a month ago I took up the challenge of taking a selfie every day. The idea is celebrating our own personal beauty even if we aren’t the weight we want to be. Or look older than we like. Or even having bad hair days. We are all beautiful. Maybe not what society says is beauty but we all have personal beauty and it shows from the inside out.

So here are some of the first days…….you will see tired Amy (sadly many many tireds), well rested Amy, happy Amy, slightly hungover Amy, sad Amy (we lost two cats over these pictures), grumpy Amy, excited Amy…..and many more.

I have learned that good lighting and the correct angle is your friend and some days your hair just doesn’t look good in pictures and probably in life. Interestingly enough sometimes messy hair takes really nice pictures. And I have learned I ALWAYS take better pictures on the weekends. Amazing what a couple hours of extra sleep and reduced stress can do!

I’m posting the last 33 days uncensored. This is me:

20140305-074332.jpg 20140305-074343.jpg 20140305-074351.jpg 20140305-074359.jpg 20140305-074412.jpg 20140305-074419.jpg 20140305-074427.jpg 20140305-074437.jpg 20140305-074445.jpg 20140305-074454.jpg 20140305-074509.jpg 20140305-074521.jpg 20140305-074532.jpg 20140305-074545.jpg 20140305-074555.jpg 20140305-074605.jpg 20140305-074615.jpg 20140305-074626.jpg 20140305-074636.jpg 20140305-074646.jpg 20140305-074657.jpg 20140305-074705.jpg 20140305-074715.jpg 20140305-074725.jpg 20140305-074735.jpg 20140305-074744.jpg 20140305-074756.jpg 20140305-074807.jpg 20140305-074825.jpg 20140305-074835.jpg 20140305-074844.jpg 20140305-074855.jpg 20140305-074905.jpg
Celebrate your beauty today!

Happy Ash Wednesday

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