Nice Quiet Weekend

20140302-131129.jpgAnd it was exactly what we needed.  My spring cold morphed to my chest on Friday so I got to add coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath to my fun!  Edward wanted me to come home from work on Friday but unfortunately it just wasn’t in the cards so I finished the day and we went out for dinner before movie and lingerie night!20140302-131055.jpg

Fortunately my drugs kicked in long enough so we could have a nice evening and I was beyond happy to go to bed knowing that I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday.  And I didn’t…….the first time I became conscious it was almost 10 am.  I needed the rest.    My voice decided that Saturday was a great day to leave almost completely…..I hate that.  So we spent most of Saturday doing house work and relaxing. We did manage to take a drive before dinner and get a little bit of fresh air.20140302-131016.jpg

Edward requested chicken fried steak for dinner and it was more night to cook so I went to work.  Chicken fried steak is yummy but it makes kind of a mess while cooking.  Delicious comfort food for sure!  Saturday evening was more movies and I loaded up on every medicine in the house so I was in a coma by 10:30.  In fact everyone in the house was in a coma by 10:30……lol.  Probably from all of that comfort food.20140302-130922.jpg

Sunday dawned cloudy and yucky again and the cold front was on the way.  I woke up about 8 am feeling like an elephant was laying on my chest–I was momentarily worried until I opened my eyes to this:

20140302-131158.jpgMommacat saying: “Do you know what time it is?  Are you EVER getting up????”  Actually Mommacat I planned to stay in bed as late as possible and get some high quality snuggles with my honey.

I made breakfast, started laundry and decided to wisely put in gas before the temperatures started to drop.  I’m starting to think that spring is NEVER going to get here……sigh.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and watching movies while doing laundry.  Very exciting afternoon.    Then Susan made an apple pie and I made fideo for dinner.  Edward’s request…..he’s gotten a lot of his requests this weekend….lol.  Chicken fried steak, fideo and apple pie?  What else could a guy want?


The cold front came through our house at 7:19 pm and it is down right coooold again this morning.  Ugh….Breaking back out the winter woolies and sweaters for hopefully the final time this winter.    And I’m actually starting the week not totally tired!  Woohoooooo! Cold but not tired.

I’m bundling up and heading out into the tundra for another week.  Have a great one everyone!

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