Still Recovering From The Weekend

The fog and yuck came back last weekend. We had the grand kids all day Saturday and Sunday and as much as I wanted to we couldn’t go to the beach. It was too damp. The sun did manage to come out late Sunday and it was glorious for about an hour but them the fog was back.

It was exhausting keeping those crazy Indians for two whole days. They really ran us ragged!!!!!

But it’s nice to build memories with them even if I came back to work needing many naps.


On Sunday Guili got very tired only she wouldn’t admit it. So we took books to the bedroom and laid down on the bed. “I not sleepy” she said. Well of course not…,,we aren’t sleeping….,we are reading. Took about 30 seconds to get her snoring away…….lol. I tried to sleep with her but someone came looking for me. 😩

In other news: Its pretty cool having a house guest who cooks! I’m going to miss having my own wife when she moves out. It’s awesome! And she cooks fancy stuff. I love it! Plus it helped with the kids last weekend.

Time to get back to work. Have a great Tuesday!


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