Hello February!


February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March. – Dr. J. R. Stockton


Happy Monday everyone!!!  Hope that you had a great weekend!

Friday evening was Edward’s night to pick our dinner location and he chose (surprise, surprise) Hooters.  Lol….actually we don’t go there all that often but we had a good dinner.  After dinner it was off to Politics for a couple of drinks.

00001On our way there I got a text from my boss that she had a bonus check for me but didn’t get to give it to me before I left.  So she stopped by to drop it off.  YAY for bonus checks and YAY for it being twice as big as the others I have gotten!!!!!!  Next week I think I will buy myself a nice present with it!

Saturday morning Edward woke me up at the crack o’ dawn which was a good thing because we had a lot to get done.  We have a temporary guest staying with us so I had to empty out everything that is stored in the guest room.  You never realize how much stuff is stored away until you have to clean it all out……Holy Moley!!!  Most it will probably end up at Goodwill but I dragged out stuff and boxed up other stuff until I was worn out.

Then I still had to go to Walmart for some things we needed for our guest and then off to the grocery store.  Now, the grocery store the day before the SuperBowl is much like it is in the days before a holiday.  Crammed full of people and chaotic!  Not my favorite way to shop and on top of it I didn’t have a list so ended up making 100 trips back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.   By the time I hauled everything into the house and got it put away I was tired and sore and achey!

But there was no time to rest—it was time to head to the ballfield for Little Edward’s tournament.   Oh my it was a windy day!!!  Warm but damp.    We got to watch Emily show off her walking and flirting with all the boys skills.

20140202-135058.jpg 20140202-135038.jpg 20140202-135020.jpg 20140202-135130.jpg

What a little cutie she is!   She and Guilianna even wear the same size shoe!!!  She is going to be a tall girl I think.

You can sure hear the wind blowing!

After the first game there was a little break so we went and had some fruit and then moved the truck to the Armory next to the baseball fields so we could watch the game from the comfort of the truck.  By this time the sun had started to set so it was getting chilly in a hurry—that South Texas spring weather.  Yuck.  While we were waiting Edward took the opportunity to get a little bit of shut eye–Lol.  I amused myself by playing with my camera.

20140202-135245.jpg20140202-135401.jpgIf I would have known we would end up taking lots of pictures I might have put on more than a little mascara—lol.  I had been planning to try to go get an eyebrow was and a trim on my hair so I didn’t put a lot of effort into anything.  Unfortunately I ran out of time to get that done so oh well.  Au natural it is.

Pretty soon Lillyanna came running across the field to sit with on.  While sitting on my lap she found some pens in the truck and started writing on her hand….pretty soon she asked me how to spell my name and then she showed it to me.


This picture is definitely a front runner for picture of the year for me!  After a bit Guilianna came and joined us too and she was wild and cray cray!!

20140202-134906.jpg 20140202-134851.jpg

Lilly and Giuli spent a good chunk of the next two games in the truck with us because it got really chilly once the sun set and the wind was still howling.   It was a long day but Team Citius won the tournament!!


We sure were glad to get home and out of the weather and enjoy some nice pizza before bed.

Sunday morning my pumkin had us out of bed early again but this time it was to get the brisket in the smoker……Superbowl means we must have brisket and sausage!!!


It was a pretty relaxing day but at noon a cold front roared into town and over the next couple of hours the temps dropped 30 degrees and turned it from a warm day to a downright cold day!  Perfect weather for football!!!!!

20140202-171430.jpgWe had way too much yummy food including chocolate chip cookie dough dip…..OMG!  Beyond that I don’t think we need to even bother discussing the train wreck that was the game.  Lets just say we had good food, good company and sweet baby Jesus that David Beckham commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it’s back to work and trying to recover from all the not so great for us food we ate.  😦  Going to be a long day!  Oh well…….have a great week everyone!

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