♥ This January Weather ♥

???????????????????????????????Quite honestly if I would be happy if we had weather like this year round!  High temperatures around 70, low humidity and plenty of sunshine!  It’s awesome!  Well,  I like highs in the 70’s except for on the weekends when I would like at least one day of 95 degrees so we can go to the beach.  I miss the beach and I need a beach day!  But the weather this weekend was beyond awesome.  Absolutely fabulous!  The kind of weather that just makes a person happy!

We had a pretty calm weekend and spent most of it hanging out at home.   We have been running so much during the week that getting to have the luxury of a weekend where we could just do nothing is great.  And we did a really excellent job of doing nothing.

Friday night a friend came down for dinner and drinks.  Some dinner and plenty of drinks…….ugh.  I don’t drink too much very often these days and I was sure feeling it on Saturday morning……and afternoon……and evening.  Takes me a lot longer to recover than it used too.  And apparently a lot less alcohol to get me to hangover status too.  Assisting us in not getting anything much accomplished on Saturday were two good movies on tv.  I did get to the grocery store for provisions and a couple of loads of laundry done but that was it.


Sunday morning I probably had two dozen text messages and a phone call back and forth with Amanda while they tried to figure out which pictures they wanted to buy from their photo session.  I still haven’t decided which one (or ones I want to get for us)  But in the end I think they decided to just buy the digital prints from the whole thing….then they can get prints made of as many as they want!  I think these are someof my personal favorites.

7665 1510514_403473816453253_399788258_n 998 999

Having a grandbaby so far away is going to be a bit of a challenge for us.  I told Edward that we are going to have to make a real effort to send little gifts and books to stay in contact.  And maybe we will be looking at a trip out East sometime soon. Thank goodness I get another weeks vacation this year!  I ran across a sale on some adorable Navy themed items and ordered a couple of onsies and a minky blanket with an anchor on it.

53 643 888 9989

Happy MLK day everyone!  If you are off I hope you enjoy the day (and I might hate you a little bit).  I’m off to the salt mines for another day in the trenches.  Since the weekend was quiet……too quiet…..scary quiet…….I’m a little bit frightened of what today is going to bring.   But I’m ready for it!

Have a great Monday!


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