Second January Weekend


Last Friday we were so glad that the week was over.  On the way to work in the morning I asked Edward where he wanted to go for dinner and then suggested we just come home and order pizza since we were both just tired.  And that’s pretty much what we did–with a stop at Walmart on way home which turned into a pretty big shop of essentials.  Pizza and actually a fairly reasonable bedtime was all that was on the agenda.

Of course I forgot to buy cat food and when we got home the cats reminded us of it.  And by dawn on Saturday they were all busy plotting our demise.  Mommacat stomped her way up the bed and laid in the middle of Edward’s chest looking at him like…….THE BOWL IS EMPTY FIX IT.    She couldn’t be persuaded to move either…..even with wet food.  They wanted their dry food so first thing Saturday I had to go to the store for food before it ended badly.  20140112-184804.jpg

Saturday was such a spectacular day!   We had a cool front come through overnight and cleared out the drizzle and humidity.  The cats woke me up just in time to see a lovely cotton candy sunrise.  Then it warmed up nicely into one of those perfect days when you can have the windows open.

It seems like there is always something (or lots of somethings) that we have to get done on my days off.  My job is great and all but it doesn’t leave any free time during the week so weekends the packed full of catching up.  I hate it when I have to get up on Saturday and rush around like I do during the week but sometimes it has to happen.   So Saturday we had to get a vehicle inspection, haircut and finally get the house cleaned up.  On top of it I am fighting a cold……its not a terrible one but it is enough of one that I don’t feel fantastic so obviously a nap had to be fitted in. 1604813_10152172546185909_802507346_n

Once all of that was done we decided that since it was a perfect day we should go out to dinner someplace on the water.  We went back and forth and finally settled on Landry’s.  The sun was just setting when we got downtown and it was so lovely.


When they seated us we were seated next to a family with three small children.  Ugh…..I thought to myself just what we wanted.  Go out to a nice dinner and end up next to a batch of kids.  But to our pleasant surprise they were extremely well mannered and they were no trouble at all.  It was a pleasure to sit next to children who were well behaved.

It was a relaxing dinner watching the light change outside as the sun set over the city.  Lovely evening.


Sunday my work phone work me up a bit earlier than I would have liked.  Grrrr…….but thank goodness it was an emergency I could take care of in just a couple of minutes.  Of course by that time I was wide awake so I got up and let my honey sleep and put caramel pecan rolls in the oven and settled in for a relaxing morning.   Thank goodness we had at least one day when I could take it easy….taking it easy meant making rolls, making breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen, stripped the bed, starting laundry and folding clothes……  But at least I could do those things before I got dressed!  🙂


I guess the highlight of Sunday was the purchase of a new comforter set for the bedroom.  Our old one had given us 4 or 5 good years but it was giving it up.  Normally a purchase of this sort would have taken weeks or deliberation and looking but we are planning to buy a new and larger bed sometime this year which will mean all new bedding so this time we just went to the store and picked out something that looked good.  And matched the drapes and hid cat hair and called it a day.

On the way home we stopped at BJ’s pizza for dinner and to watch some of the Bronco game.  Yay!  Go Broncos!!!


We have been at a BJ’s in the Valley before but this was our first visit to the new one in Corpus Christi.  It was ok.  Very open, lots of TVs and we had a good dinner.  Nothing fantastic but it was good.  Then home to start getting things arranged for Monday.

That was pretty much it.  I hate how fast the weekends fly by but now its time to get back to work.  Have a great week!

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