Baby Shower Weekend


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope that everyone is keeping warm during this cold blast.  I know that down here we aren’t cold compared to most of the country but for us it’s still COLD.  Tomorrow morning could be the coldest day of the year.   Last winter was so mild and Mother Nature seems to want to make up for lost time now.

Friday evening we went out for dinner at Russo’s Italian Grill on our way home and then came home to meet Derrick and Amanda.  This was the first chance we had to give them their gifts.  This year each family received a glass Christmas tree that was engraved with the family names.  Derrick and Amanda also got a special ornament frame for an ultrasound picture for the baby.

Saturday was a sleep in and lazy day.  I worked on taking down the last of the Christmas decorations and did laundry but the highlight of the day had to be the afternoon naps.  Oh I did go to the grocery store for a big shop for the first time since before Christmas.  I wouldn’t say we were looking like Mother Hubbard but we were getting low on some basics and it was getting tough to throw together a decent meal.20140105-123847.jpg

Sunday was Amanda’s baby shower.  I had thought a long time about what gift.   We have a friend from California who relocated to Corpus Christi last fall and she is a photographer.  I called to see if she could fit in Derrick and Amanda for a maternity photo session because that was the gift that I wanted to give them.

Fortunately she could fit them in on Sunday and we decided to meet at 8:30 while the light would be nice and (hopefully) before the cold front came in.  I worried all day Saturday that the weather would be too cold or windy but it turned out to be perfect!   I took Kelly’s advice for a good venue and I’m glad that I did.

Amanda was soooo nervous but soon Kelly got them into it and they had a really good time.  I snapped a couple of pictures of the experience from a bit away while Edward wandered around making friends with people……lol.

.20140105-115544.jpg 20140105-115715.jpg 20140105-115517.jpg 20140105-115436.jpg

And Kelly was so sweet she made sure to get a few sneak peeks up on Facebook right away so we could get an idea of how the shoot went.  The pictures look gorgeous!!!!   I’m so glad I decided to give them this as a gift.  I know that they will have all of the baby essentials and these pictures will be a memory they can keep forever.

20140105-115301.jpg 20140105-115251.jpg 20140105-115238.jpg1510514_403473816453253_399788258_n

As we walked out of the park we could see the line of clouds from the approaching cold front heading our way.  What great timing we had finishing just in time.  And the clouds were roaring through town.  By the time we said goodbye to Kelly and got in the truck the clouds were almost on top of us.

20140105-115344.jpg 20140105-115317.jpg

The cold air didn’t arrive until about noon but once it did we sure knew it!  Brrrrrr……………  I had two crockpot meals cooking to get a jump on the week and had a little time to relax before the baby shower.  Sunday flew by way too fast and before I knew it time had arrived to leave for the baby shower.

There was a really good turnout which is great news since there was short notice for it.  Everyone had a nice time and I even won one of the party games.  Although not the bottle drinking contest which I wisely passed on.  Lol!

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_1230 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I am pretty sure that she got one of everything in the infant department of Carters.  Their spring line has lots of anchors and sailors so people brought them in droves.  I don’t think she got any duplicate outfits so that little kid will be a clothes horse for a while!  They leave for Virginia and home tomorrow morning and the next time we see them little Ryan Mathew will be in their arms.  Can’t wait to have another little one to snuggle and cuddle.  I think they might be back for the family Garner week which would make that a really fun time!   I already put in for my time off so we can join them at the end of the week.

Time to bundle up and head out the door into the winters chill.  I really, really wish we could stay home and under the covers the next two days but……..that isn’t happening I’m afraid.   So I’m dressed up in my boots and sweater and scarf!  Keep warm everyone!


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