On The First Day Of 2014……….


All holidays are wonderful, especially the one’s that you spend with family but they are tiring.  And all the pressure of New Years Eve to go out and have ‘fun’ while dodging drunk drivers and police officers?  Not really our idea of a great time.  Especially this year when NYE was cold and drizzley and all around yucky.   Add too that a funeral in the freezing cold for Edward and a long day at work for me and the only thing that sounded good NYE was staying home. Throw in a couple movies and a bottle of champagne and it would be perfect. 20140101-163505.jpg

And that is exactly what we did.  We came home, took a nice nap and got warmed up and then I put a couple of steaks on the grill for a late romantic dinner.   At midnight we opened the champagne and stepped out on the front porch to ring in the New Year!  There were lots of fireworks in the neighborhood and with all the rain and drizzle at least we didn’t have to worry about grass fires.

New Years Day is one of my favorite days of the year as a day devoted to doing nothing.  There is no shopping to do, there is no cooking that has to be done.  It’s a day devoted to relaxing and the weather cooperated this year.  Cloudy and cool was perfect for snuggling on the sofa and watching movies.


Everyone did a great job of relaxing too!  I did take a little time to take down the Christmas tree.  😦   I love the lights from the tree and the living room seems to empty and cold now.  I’ll wait and do the remainder of the decorations this weekend but for now I guess it’s nice to start getting the living room back in order.


Then Edward whipped up his ‘world famous Sparky Stew’ for dinner!  Gosh I love a man that cooks! Makes me feel all tingly inside.


And it was delicious too!20140101-180308.jpg

But the best news of all was that I made it all the way through New Years Day without getting sick!  YAY!  What a nice change to not be running a fever, coughing like crazy and praying for death on New Years Eve!  Now we can only hope that I can pull it off again next year especially since I told my honey that I wanted to go out for a nice dinner next year.

Today we are both back to work.  Booo and hiss for that but now we have less than two months until we get some company from the great white north to visit!  🙂  That’s something exciting to look forward too!!!!

Have a great Thursday that will probably feel a lot like Monday everyone!


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One thought on “On The First Day Of 2014……….

  1. Kicky

    Yes, a visit from the Good Witch of the North. Purrfect.

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