It Sure Feels Like Christmas


It was a cold, cold, cold weekend down here.  Perfect weather for staying inside and keeping warm and that is pretty much what we did.  Friday evening was my company Christmas party.  The venue where it is held is an inside/outside location.  Last year the weather was perfect for sitting outside and listening to the band.  This year….not so much.  They did set up tents and heaters but we spent most of the evening inside keeping warm.

We hung out for a couple of hours, talked to everyone that we needed to talk to and then headed for our cozy home.  It was so nice to know that we didn’t need to get up and go anywhere on Saturday morning.  Our cats were happy to snuggle in for the night and the two from next door moved in as well.  Even with shelters outside it was too cold for them to stay for long.

Edward always makes a show of how these are ‘my cats’.  But yet it was him who woke me up at 5 am to see if I had let Spooky back inside.  And it was him who put on his heavy slippers, coat and hat and went outside in his underwear with a flashlight to get Spooky and Rascal back in the house. 🙂

So Saturday we snuggled on the sofa, watched movies and I made soup.  I’m still fighting a bit of a cold and I didn’t feel particularly perky at all.  With temperatures at 35 all day that was only thing that sounded good.  Sunday was slightly warmer but not by much and since Edward hadn’t gone to the hospital on Saturday he went in the late afternoon to see his dad while I finished up the Christmas decorating.  I love it when its done!   We even make a pretty decent dent in our Christmas shopping thanks to Amazon!

Turning on all the lights, lighting some candles and listening to Christmas music is probably my favorite way to relax.  I even managed to get a couple  of gifts wrapped up and under the tree.   I think I might be finding the Christmas spirit.



Have a great Monday everyone!

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