A Good Result

Today was surgery day for Edward’s dad.  He was scheduled to go back at 2 pm but by the time they finally got started it was almost 4 pm.  I even had time to work all day and still get to the hospital before they finished.  I arrived to a waiting room packed (and I mean packed) with family members.

Lilly, Giuli and David were all there too.  David is walking all over the place now!  Giuli came running and wanted to play with my phone the whole time.  That’s a little nerve wracking since I don’t have a case on it right now.  Lilly hijacked my Kindle and played games.

20131202-220757.jpgI hadn’t been there too long when the doctor came out to talk to the family.  He said the surgery went just fine and his stats had been stable the entire time.  We stayed a while longer until the RN came out to let us know that we could take a minute and see him two people at a time.  He was still mostly unconscious and intubated but they will probably take the tube out sometime over night or in the morning.   After that he will be in ICU for a few days……depending on how he does.

Edward and I went back for just a minute to look at him.  His color looked good but the number of tubes and wires and monitors were a little intimidating.  On the way out with chatted with a surgery technician who had been with him the whole time and he said his vitals were rock solid the whole time.  It’s good to hear news like that.

My hunny was exhausted by the time we got home.  Sitting around a hospital is always tiring but  I know he is relieved that the surgery is done.  Now we just have to get him through the recovery process.  Still praying that it will be smooth and without incident.


Well, it was a long day for me too…….so I think it’s time to join my pumpkin and get some sleep.  Have a great Tuesday!

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