Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

So you remember when I left you on Wednesday I was pretty excited because we were heading to the cabin in Utopia for the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend.  Since we are just coming out of football season we hadn’t been anyplace since our vacation which was cut short by circumstances beyond our control.  20131201-180301.jpg

Work was crazy but we were on the road shortly after 5 pm with Utopia in our sights.  The traffic wasn’t even too terrible and we made good time getting to the cabin shortly after 9 pm.    I had a lot of work to get done, even with a scaled back Thanksgiving.  There were still buttermilk pies to cook, fruit salad to prepare and breakfast to prep.  I was very happy to relax with a couple of glasses before bed.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Thanksgiving day dawned brisk and lovely.  We were greeted by deer outside and plenty of peace a quiet.   While there was lots of cooking to be done there was still time for a walk to enjoy nature.


20131201-180415.jpg1456062_10152069580195909_957372632_nWe spent the remainder of the day relaxing, watching movies and finally Cowboy football.  It was an almost perfect Thanksgiving day.  We even got a gorgeous sunset!


Perfect until about midnight when Edward got a text from his sister that their dad had been taken to the hospital with chest pains.  While we went to bed he was up several times keeping up with the situation and by morning had decided we needed to come home.

Before leaving we did take time to go out for breakfast and to Lost Maples State Park to see the fall colors.  It was a gorgeous day for a short hike even though the park was crowded.  Very crowded.  It’s certainly a lot quieter other weeks of the year but it was worth it. ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


The prettiest scene we ran across actually wasn’t in the park but on the drive there.  What a gorgeous scene!.

And then all to soon it was time to head home to the hospital.

They performed an angiogram on his Dad at noon and found several blockages.  By the time we got to the hospital open heart surgery was scheduled for Monday.  We saw his dad that evening and he was in pretty good spirits at least until he found out that he had to stay in the hospital until the surgery on Monday.  Under no circumstances would they allow him to go home.

As Edward had predicted on the way home he finally confessed that he had had at least two or three of these heart episodes but the one on Thanksgiving was a pretty bad one.

At least one positive thing about coming home early meant that I had time to work on decorating the house for Christmas.  I hadn’t been sure when I would have the time do it if we were gone.  As always its a lot of work but it looks nice when I get it done.  Well, actually it’s not completely done.  The tree is up, the fireplace mantle is decorated and the bathroom is switched over.  But I still need to put up my Sugar Town Village.  Hopefully in the next couple of days.

20131201-184022.jpg 20131201-184005.jpg

And on Sunday Susan stopped by with our wonderful gift of BACON JELLY!  OMG what a delicious decadant treat that is!

So our Thanksgiving weekend didn’t turn out anything like we expected.  But it was still a nice once one.  Tonight we are going to a late movie and tomorrow I will be back to work.  Edward will be at the hospital for the surgery and I will stop by after work.  We hope and pray that things go smoothly and he recovers quickly.

And thoughts and prayers you can spare are appreciated.

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