Just Another November Weekend

Friday evening was Lillyanna’s birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  In case you are curious I believe that Peter Piper Pizza is the definition of hell for anyone older than about 10.  It is loud……oh so very loud……….hot and uncomfortable.  And unless you drink beer there isn’t alcohol which is just wrong.

Edward had gotten a clock for a playoff game on Friday night and he certainly wasn’t going to give that up so I even go to go by myself.  Again, definition of hell.

Anyway all of the grandkids were there and they all had a great time!  Lilly got wonderful gifts and seemed to really enjoy the party.  I was holding baby David when he started pointing at all of the balloons.  When I took him over he had a blast hitting and grabbing at all of them.  Emily seemed pretty freaked out by all the noise and hubbub.  Feel your pain Em…..I feel your pain.

20131118-204338.jpg 20131118-203744.jpg 20131118-204355.jpgWe gave Lilly a robe and pajamas and a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  I told her I would take her lunch and we would go spend the money which she though was an awesome gift.

Saturday was a catch up day for me at home.  It’s getting time to decorate for Christmas so I need to start getting things in order!  🙂  We did manage to find time to go out for dinner on Saturday evening though before coming home to watch a few movies.

Sunday was a very lazy around the house day.  This time of year it’s so nice to have a little time to just relax but we did manage to go to the movies to see “Enders Game” and out for dinner before coming home to get ready for another week.

Sigh.  Time is going by too darn fast.  I think high school football is over for us and this will be our last official weekend of CCYFL.  Finally, we will have our weekends back.  It’s taken a little bit this year but I think I’m actually starting to find my Christmas spirit.  I might even start decorating this weekend.   I know, it’s before Thanksgiving but I’m starting to get anxious!  Edward asked if I was going to put up the tree last weekend.  No Way!  But this weekend maybe.

Ok I’m ready to climb into bed early.   Have a great week everyone!Christmas apple121093

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