Lazy Weekend (Well Half Of It Anyway)

Happy Monday!20131110-182035.jpg

It’s a cloudy kind of dreary looking morning out there in front of our first real live arctic cold front which should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.   I’m not really looking to over night lows in the 40’s a few times this week……we might have to turn on the heater and everything!   Plus I enjoy cold weather much more when I can stay home and snuggle instead of having to get out in it.

Edward was in Houston for a sales meeting the end of last week.  The good thing was he went up with a co-worker so I got to keep the truck.  He was dropped off at my work on Friday evening with just enough time to take me home and head out to his football game.  I opted to skip it because chilly evenings aren’t my idea of fun.  During that game though he started to not feel well and by the time he got home he was running a temperature.

Even though he didn’t feel well he still had to go to football on Saturday.  It was a pleasant enough morning and I got to see all of the grandkids at the game.  Lilly and Giuli fought over who could sit on my lap and Giuli kept rubbing by arm and calling me ‘My Amy’.  It’s always a fun morning when I get to play with everyone.    We saw Vanessa later that evening and she said Giuli cried and cried when I left…..My Amy lefted me.  😦20131110-181855.jpg

I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have enjoyed going with me Saturday.  All I did was run errands and wait in line and I HATE WAITING IN LINES.  I went to Sam’s Club, and bought another new tire (so now all my tires are good yay!) and went to the grocery store and picked up lunch for Edward and on and on.   I don’t feel like I really accomplished anything.20131110-181944.jpg

Edward came home feeling very unwell so I made him broccoli cheese soup and let him rest. We had picked up a couple of movies but he ended up dozing off shortly after he ate so he was off to bed.

Sunday was a cloudy day and we spent all of it on the sofa watching movies and listening to Edward cough.  Not very exciting but I did manage to actually order a couple of Christmas gifts!  Woohoooo!  Christmas shopping has been started!  I know what I am buying at least 4 people so that is a very good start.   And I even picked out a dress for my company Christmas party so I guess it wasn’t a completely wasted weekend.

Now fingers crossed that I don’t get sick too.

I think my honey will actually get to be home all week which is awesome. I can’t wait until this work project is over.   Just a few more weeks to go! Now I’m out the door for another fun filled week!


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