What A Great Reward For A Monday

20131104-192059.jpgWhile I’m not a big fan of driving to work in the dark in the morning quite honestly I think I am even less of a fan of driving home in the dark.   But we had a lovely reward for the drive home this evening….a spectacular sunset that set the sky on fire.

20131104-192118.jpgI was in a pretty grumpy mood when I left the office but after stopping for a couple of  minutes to enjoy the sky my mood improved 10x over!  Of course the black lab I made friends with certainly helped.    What a joy!  I really want to live someplace where I can see the sunrise and sunsets without obstruction.  Of course it would have been better if my babe was with me but he was waiting for me at home!

Tomorrow may be an exciting day for us.

boyorgirlIf Baby M cooperates we should find out if it will be a baby boy or baby girl joining our family in the spring!  Solid money is on it being a boy but what we want the most is a healthy baby.   Everything with the pregnancy seems to be going fine and Derrick and Amanda are so excited.  999114_10201685568053691_583313548_nI already picked up an adorable onsie that I need to get in the mail to them. I saw it at Old Navy and knew it was perfect!

20131104-200659.jpgI’m sure I will be checking my phone a lot until we get the news!

Have a great Wednesday!


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