Another Crazy Busy Weekend

This time of year is just crazy for us.  With football on Friday nights and all day Saturday we only have Sunday to spend time together and get things done at home.  There just aren’t enough hours.

20131027-190859.jpgSaturday morning after I dropped Edward and Zach off at football I ran a couple errands and then went downtown to meet Susan at Hester’s at the Art Museum for lunch.  It was a perfect day and a welcome time to relax a little and get plenty of laughs!  Lunch with Susan is always fun!1381652_10151977288495909_1967582135_n

We even saw a couple of ships come in during lunch!  The food and wine and mimosas were as always yummy!

20131027-202819.jpgThis was easily the most relaxing part of the weekend.  By far.  We spent a couple of hours enjoying the view, the drinks and catching up.  It was great.

But all too soon we had to head home.  I had another appointment to get too.  I was baby sitting Lilly, Giulianna and David in the afternoon.  🙂  I love when I get to spend time with them!  I had decided that since it was almost Halloween we should make Halloween cookies.  Lilly and I have made Christmas cookies several times but never with Giuli.

It was a lot of fun but a little crazy especially with baby David crawling around on the floor trying to find any sprinkles that made there way there.

20131027-190728.jpg?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It was such fun getting to spend the afternoon with these guys! Not only am I Giulianna’s favorite person I’m pretty close to Baby David’s favorite too!   He smiles and plays and follows me all over the house.  It’s such fun!!!   All too soon it was time to go pick up Popo at the football fields.    Boy loading up three little ones in the truck took a little more time than I remembered…….lol!

We picked up Popo and went to drop the kids off with their mom.  Giuli hung onto my neck and I didn’t think she was going to let go.   But once we dropped off the kids we went to drop Zach off at home.  At the corner of Yorktown and Cimmaron Zach said “Hey, there’s a dog there”.  I was thinking….don’t look…….don’t look……don’t look.  And then Edward (ever helpful said, oh it coming into the street.20131027-211151.jpg

Well, what was I supposed to do?  You would think Edward would know better than to tell me about a loose animal for heaven sakes.   I told him to go get it out of the street and swung around into the parking lot where I was presented with a very old basset hound who was having difficulty walking.  Sigh.  Clearly I couldn’t leave her there, she was going to get hit by a car so I put her into the truck and headed toward home not sure what the next step was going to be.

In case you aren’t aware bassett hounds aren’t small dogs and I had to literally carry this one into the back yard.  She was pretty smelly too.  I gave her a can of dog food and water and a couple blankets and took to Facebook to try to find a solution.  She ate and fell fast asleep outside.   Our cats hate dogs a lot but even they looked at this old girl and quickly determined that she was no threat at all.

Thanks to the power of Facebook and a couple of lucky connections we actually found “Abby’s” owner in about three hours.  She is a 13 year old and her parents were so happy to get to our home and pick her up.  I, for one was thrilled to get her home so we could go to bed without worry.  It also reinforced for me WHY I don’t want a dog.

Sunday, praise baby Jesus we got to sleep in!!!!!

Sunday was spent mostly at home getting yard work and laundry done.  It was a busy day of yard work and laundry and lawn mower fixing on the kitchen table.

We wrapped up the weekend with cocktails and drinks at Laguna Reef. It was a perfect and according to my honey “valentines day level romantic”. Lol!!!!!!

I don’t know about that but it was a nice evening. I just wish we had another day together.

Giuli and her favorite red cowboy boots

Giuli and her favorite red cowboy boots

I swear to god I published this last night but apparently I had one margarita too many. Ooops. Oh well, hope you have a great Monday!

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