I ♥ Fall

???????????????????????????????I do enjoy the weather this time of the year.  Waking up to crisp weather outside just makes me smile.  Yesterday morning I had an errand to do so I went into work a little late.  It was AWESOME to sleep a bit later and take my time getting everything ready to go.  It was also neat to watch the sunrise from home again.

However I was reminded how important getting to work early is for me.  There is something about that 45-30 minutes before people start showing up when things are quiet  and I can get started on the day.  As people arrive the noise level gradually increases until everything is going full steam.  Today without that quiet time and walking into complete chaos was not a fun way to start.

1381790_10151938461760909_1934645198_nAfter I finally made it home my honey and I went out for dinner at Laguna Reef.  The weather was perfect for dining on the water and watching the light change as the sun set was so relaxing.  I wouldn’t have minded fewer mosquitos but oh well!  It looked like lots of people had the same idea because their patio was full.    Great end to a nice day.

I tried to upload these videos yesterday but it wouldn’t cooperate.  I think this was the first time that David has come to our house and really gotten around and explored.  He even jabbered at us a little bit!  Edward said he thought it was the first time he had heard David make any kind of noise!  Of course in one clip you see Giulianna trying to play with Rascal and it didn’t go too well.  He never bites or scratches but he snaps at them like he will.

Oh and as a side note if I want to freak the cats out all I have to do is play the video of the grandkids and watch the cats have a heart attack trying to get out of the room.  Lol!

Have a great Huuuuump Daaaaaaaaay Everyone!!!



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