Hello Monday

Hand to God wasn’t it Friday like 30 seconds ago????????

20130929-214455.jpgI forget this time of year how fast the weekends go and I hate it.  Friday evening I skipped the football game in exchange for grocery shopping, dinner cooking and relaxing on the sofa.    After a long week there was nothing that sounded better than putting my toes up and opening a bottle of wine.  Edward was close so he was home before 10:30 so we got to bed at a reasonable time.

Saturday morning we had to get an early start because it was the first Saturday of youth football and Emilio’s first game.   I certainly wasn’t going to miss that!  It was warm and muggy even at 10 am so we were thankful for the clouds that drifted past.  Even with that I ended up with a bit of a sunburn by the time it was over. The kids looked so tiny out there in their pads and helmets but they did a really good job!

20130929-214552.jpg??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I got to see Little Edward, Emily and Lilly.   Emily is getting so big and she smiles all the time.  She smiles and reached for me and blew raspberries the whole game.  She is a little sweetheart!


At first the other team dominated scoring two quick touchdowns and it looked like it was going to be a long day.  But in the second quarter the Bengals found their rhythm.  The game was close the final second but in the end we won!  Every football player has to start somewhere and Emilio is off to a good start!

Once the game was done I rushed off to get to work.  The one thing I love about football season is that I have a few hours each weekend to get some housework done.   Plus since we are heading into the holiday season it was time to get some deep cleaning done.  I mopped and scrubbed everything…..including the drapes.  When I moved the sofas to mop underneath I stumbled across the cat’s stash of toys.

20130929-214530.jpgOf course by the time we got up Sunday morning half of the balls were back all over the house……lol.  To show what a super awesome wife I am I even mowed the front yard for him.

After football was done I picked up Edward and we came home for dinner and he was so surprised that I had done it that it brought a tear to his eye.  After one of his favorite meals of pork roast with raisin sauce we went to Politics for a ‘few’ cocktails.


It’s been a while since we went out for cocktails and I was sure feeling it on Sunday morning.  Edward was too so it wasn’t just me!   It was nice to get out for a little while.

In the fall Sunday’s are our sleep in as late as we want too day.  We were only in bed until about 10 am, of course the more your head hurts the earlier you wake up.  It was good to just lay around and take it easy though.  The down side was Edward had to help with a plumbing crisis for one of his kids so he had to head out for a while.  While he was gone I made good use of the quiet to take a delightful refreshing afternoon nap!

Since tomorrow is already October I did start getting out our Halloween decorations!  I love seeing the house with all the pretty things!  I planted fall mums in the planter out front and put the haunted house on the liquor cabinet.  I need to pick up a few more things but everything looks great!


When he got home he finished mowing the backyard and then we got ready to head out for a few errands.  Of course it was then that the heavens opened and it began to pour!  We waited as long as we could but eventually had to go out in the rain because I was starving!

20130929-214455.jpgWe got some pretty good rain before we even got on the freeway but then the rain stopped for a bit and we caught a lovely glimpse of the sun on the horizon.

20130929-214438.jpgI thought that was the end of the rain but we ran into more down the road.  By the time we got to Edward’s office it was a monsoon, we even saw lots of stalled cars on the frontage road during the drive.  We waited the rain out in the truck wasting a lot of precious time so by the time we could have dinner it was almost 9 pm.  We ended up betting 1.25″ of rain at our house.  Our yard is so happy and probably growing already.

And just like that the weekend was over.  😦  and now it’s back to work.   I am looking forward to the possibility of our first reasonably strong cold front next weekend.  If it gets here our high on Saturday will only be in the lower 80’s!  Now THAT is football weather!

Have a super Monday everyone!  I’m off to the salt mines……

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