What A Weekend……………..

photo (61)Happy Monday everyone!  I’m not sure exactly how to classify this weekend, I mean it had its good parts, its ok parts and it even had some kind of weird parts.

Let’s start with Friday evening……Edward had a game out of town and instead of tagging along I chose to come home and get a little bit of a jump on the housework.  It’s kind of nice to have a couple of hours alone too.   So about 11 pm I became aware of noise outside and after going to investigate I found a house about halfway down our street in the midst of a sudden and loud party.  There were cars parked everywhere and more people showing up by the minute.


So I got the girls inside from the backyard and called for Rascal out front.  He came running down the sidewalk like something was after him and when I picked him up his heart was beating a million miles an hour.  Obviously he wasn’t a fan of the noise and traffic either.  Then I took a seat on our front bench and wait for the police to arrive because surely they were going too.

When Edward got home and joined me there was a drunk girl crying while walking down the street.  (I commented that it must not be a good party).  When  I shut off the tv to go to bed I heard noises right outside and stepped out on the porch to check.  There was some kind of a disturbance between a guy and a girl going on in a truck parked out front.  I asked if everything was ok and they assured me that she ‘was just upset’.  I should have called the police at that point but didn’t.  Instead I just went to bed.

Then about 1:15 am there was ringing of our doorbell and pounding on our door.  I got to the door before Edward did to be greeted by two of Corpus Christi’s finest who told us that there had been a party down the street and that some kid had gotten upset a punched our fence and broke it.   Apparently there is a real issue with underage drinking parties at that house according to the police.


They had the suspect because another neighbor witnessed it happen and gave us the case information.  The next morning the neighbor who called stopped by to tell us that after the police broke up the party this kid started getting physical with his girlfriend in the street so they called the police back.  I don’t know why he hit our fence, if he thought we had called of if it was just there but of the at least four neighbors who called 911 we weren’t one of them.

But I will the next time.  And that ended Friday.

20130908-185609.jpgSaturday we slept in which was beyond glorious.  I finally got up about 9:30 but Edward slept until almost 11!  Poor baby was just worn out!  We hung out at home, ran errands, ate an early dinner and came home to relax.    Exactly the kind of day that we needed.

Sunday Little Edward had a 10 am baseball game.  There were storm popping up all over the place but when we got there it was blue skies and it felt like a greenhouse!  They only got a couple of innings in before we could hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance and growing black clouds.  Once the sun was covered it felt really nice until the rain started and they had the cancel the games.

20130908-185554.jpgI always think they wait too long before they pull the kids off the fields when there is lightening so I was glad when everyone got into some shelter.  Since there was clearly not going to be any more baseball we went to Jalisco for a late breakfast.  Lol……Edward said that you could tell we were eating in the hood because I was the only white person in the restaurant.

After breakfast while waiting out the storms we went home to enjoy our rainy Sunday curled up on the sofa, watching football and taking naps.  It was perfect!  I even finally finished all of the laundry from our vacation!

Less than two weeks until CCYFL starts up.  Edward is excited for it to get here and this year Emilio will be playing for the Pee Wee Bengals!  Everyone is very happy with his team and the coaches!

Emilio Football

We are going to have to see Giuli sometime soon.  Vanessa told us yesterday that Giuli keeps asking for her “Amy PoPo”.  Awwww…..we haven’t seen them in at least two weeks!

Back to work time today.  This week I have to get back to working out each day, last week I was so far behind that there was no way for me to sneak out for even 50 minutes.  Plus taking a lunch hour to work out brings my stress level down a notch or three.  I will be working last a couple of nights blahhhh but those things happen.  (And with Christmas coming the over time is nice too)

Time to head out into the predawn darkness to drive to work.  Have a great week!



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