I Wish Someone Could Explain The Phenomenon

How is it that ‘short’ work weeks can seem even longer than usual? Maybe because it is that we are trying to cram five days worth of work into only four days or in my case I was playing catch up from a week of work in four days. I think I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I took my workout clothes with me on Wednesday and my officemates laughed at me for thinking I would have time to work out this week.20130905-222157.jpg

And I haven’t. In fact I haven’t even had lunch the last three days. Maybe today……………….fingers crossed!

Last week began the ‘High Holy Season’ (aka FOOTBALL SEASON) in Texas. But since we were out of town it didn’t start for us. High school, college and finally the pros are all playing.   Tonight it starts for us……………Ed will be at Gregory Portland listening to the band because as he says ‘it isn’t varsity football until you hear the drums’! In a couple weeks Youth Football starts and will keep Edward very busy for the next couple of months and since Emilio will be playing this year I will get to go watch some games too!

Love football season and it’s promise of cooler weather and pumpkins and apples and candles and blankets and sweaters and snuggling.  Since we are back from vacation that first cold front can show up any time it wants too!

Ok…..getting today started and hoping I might fit in a workout.  I haven’t watched Bridezillas in almost two weeks……gasp!!!!FOOTBALL_3

Ok we are getting today started and getting it done with so we can relax this weekend.  And maybe clean up my house so it stops looking like a bomb went off!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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