You Know That First Day Back From Vacation?

You know that one where the day to day grind seems about 100X worse than usual and it takes everything in your power to stop yourself from saying “Eff This” and walking back out the door?

Yeah that one.  I had one today all darn day long but since I am fond of indoor plumbing I sucked it up and made it through.  And it’s over.  And now I’m home relaxing with my sweetheart.  He even ordered and picked up a pizza so I didn’t have to work and since he had a tough day too I really, really appreciate it.

So now back to our vacation………………………………………

We really did have a nice time, which is saying something since we were both so stressed out by the time we finally got to leave.  In fact up until the night before we left we gave serious consideration to just postponing it all together since it really wasn’t a good time for Edward to go away.  The entire drive up he was getting voice mails and returning calls and the first couple of days he spent a lot of it on the phone returning calls and even had a conference call.

I know it wasn’t fun for him but we still managed to have fun in between.  And he tried so hard to make sure I had a good time, even with the ‘goals’ he had set!  😉

The weather was perfect for our vacation, scorching during the day and pleasant in the evenings.  Since we got my favorite spot  we would get up each morning and sit in our chairs over looking the river, listening to the birds and the water.  A great start to the day.  After that we would sight see, kayak or maybe even take a swim before it was nap time during the heat of the day.

I’m so glad we have a pop up with a good AC so we could do that otherwise it wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience.

After nap time we would go down to the river to swim and dusk is our new favorite time to swim.  Some people we know from Houston who are there the same time we are introduced the idea of swimming after dark using a lantern in our favorite swimming hole.  It’s perfect!

One day during the week we went to ‘town’ or the bigger town of Uvalde about 30 miles away to do laundry, look around antique stores and eat dinner out.  I enjoy looking around antique stores although some of them are so crowded they drive my ADD into overdrive!  We found several cute apple things to add to our collection among other things.

We took a hayride up to the original Garner entrance which was really cool.  That was one steep curvy road and I can’t imagine cars going both ways!  I’m amazed that it was used for 32 years!

We saw lots of animals this trip, our first evening even getting to see a porcupine.  Since the wildflowers are a little scare this year we saw lots of butterflies around the gardens by the old visitor center each morning.  We also saw a flock of turkeys most mornings, deer (of course), jack rabbits, possum, raccoons, feral cats (seriously if I could have grabbed the kitten hanging around our camp site and the site next door I would have brought him home) fish, buzzards, turtles, bats and skunks….oh the skunks.

It’s interesting how the cats and skunks seems to get along just fine.  The skunks are pretty aggressive (or stupid) and are hard to dissuade.  One evening we were watching a movie outside and one came right out from under the trailer about two feet from us!  I couldn’t even form words….just shrieking and pointing………lol.   Edward of course was a gentleman and chased it away.  I really enjoyed sitting in the chairs at dusk and watching the bats put on a show overhead.  They are so cool to watch!

Then after our showers in the evening sitting on the tailgate of the truck and looking at the stars and the milky way.  I wish I had a camera to capture of pretty it is!   I can even pick our a few constellations myself now……I guess Edward’s lessons are rubbing off on me!

It is such a joy to get to go away to one of our favorite places together and just enjoy each other.  After 8 years we still have fun and Edward makes me laugh every single day.  Even when times are tough or stressful we hang in there and enjoy each other.  So until our next trip the memories from this one will have to hold us through!


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