Now I Can Finally Say It……..

Only one more day of work before vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally after months and months and months only one day.  It’s kind of an awesome feeling.???????????????????????????????

I have felt so bad for Edward the last few days.  On Friday evening he could hardly drag himself up the sidewalk to the house sweaty, dirty and sunburned.  He spent the whole day out in the blazing sun.  Then he had to turn around and do it again on Saturday.  This morning he was out the door by 5 am so finish everything so we can actually leave tomorrow.

While he was out slaving in the hot sun I met a friend for lunch at Hester’s at the Art Museum.  I hadn’t been to this location before but I’m sure that it won’t be the last time.hesters

it was the perfect place for a long, leisurely lunch with a friend.  Gorgeous views, great food, of laughs and wine!  🙂 Exactly what I needed after a not fabulous week and it really improved my disposition.

By the time I finished lunch Edward had finished work come home to shower and go back to get a haircut and was finally ready for a nap.  Also what I needed after a not fabulous week.

I spent Sunday packing, grocery shopping and getting everything ready so we can leave bright and early Tuesday morning.   Right now our living room looks like a storage zone……lol.  One corner is stacked with all of the drink items, sodas, wine and water and another corner has luggage.  In between we have cats who are starting to figure out that something is up and don’t seem too happy about it.   The cat sitter was over last evening getting everything organized.  She comes two or three times a day and is a great sitter for our herd.

Edward on the other hand spent a ‘leisurely’ day working out in the hot sun again making a rack so we can take both kayaks with us on vacation.  We love taking them out bright and early in the morning when everything is calm and quiet.  I helped him a little bit but he did all of the heavy lifting.  Well except that one time when he slipped with the drill and slammed it on my thumb.  Ouch!

Tonight we will load up and then head out as soon as we can in the morning.  In case you can’t tell I’m really looking forward to the time away with just my honey!  It looks like the weather is going to be almost picture perfect and we will get plenty of river time, naps and relaxation.   Exactly what we both need.  Especially since this will be our last trip away until at least Thanksgiving.

I’ll probably post Instagram pictures but I don’t know if there will be blogs or not. That will be a game time decision I think.  🙂  Have a great week everyone!Capture9988

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One thought on “Now I Can Finally Say It……..

  1. Kicky

    Have a superb time!!! xo

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