Only 13 Days Until Vacation!

photo (59)Not that we keep track on a calendar on the fridge of anything!  🙂

Last weekend we started to get ready seriously.  I may have mentioned before that our vacations are really organized and run more like a military operation than a relaxing getaway right?    Friday evening after dinner we headed to the grocery store to start buying the nonperishables.  Edward only joins me for grocery shopping once or twice a year…..Christmas and vacation.  Vacation he comes so he can make sure I buy only exactly what is on the list and that I highlight the list in the proper colors……lol.

It took a couple of hours but the bulk of the shopping is complete!

We haven’t used our pop-up in two years.  Ed’s family has actually used it more than we have so on Saturday that plan was to open the thing up, inventory everything inside and clean it from top to bottom.  To help us get it set up he picked up Zach for a little help.  Apparently when he walked in the house Giuli got all excited asking if Amy was there.  He told her no.  And she got even more excited asking if Amy was outside.  Popo told her no that Amy was at home.  1157565_10151802266290909_1070321640_n

“Go see Amy Home?”  Giuli asked.   And Popo told her to get her shoes and she sprinted for her shoes.  Of course as soon as Lilly heard that GIuli was coming to our house she HAD to come along too.

Pretty soon Giuli and Lilly were camped out in our living room fighting over who could sit on my lap and play.  Lilly tried to convince me that she should come along with us to Garner because she didn’t really need to go to school.  1157578_10151802119225909_1238360002_n

After the popup was all set up and the kids had gone home it was time to get cleaning.  Gross!!!!!  Thank goodness we have AC in there because it was one hot day!    We cleaned and scrubbed and organized for hours but not the popup is clean and ready to go!  And I got the cat sitter all set up so I know the babies will be well taken care of while we are gone.

Sunday we took the sleeping bags to the laundry to wash them in the big washers.   While I was there I suddenly started to get a headache and it rapidly turned into full grown migraine.   I fought it most of the day so we could finish what we needed to do but by 9 pm I finally gave in and collapsed into bed (without even bothering to put the clean sheets back on it) with an ice pack in hopes that my headache would go away.  It so frustrating trying to fall asleep when your head hurts so badly that you would happily remove it from your shoulders.  Every time I would feel myself start to doze off I would wake myself back up.  Eventually I did manage to fall asleep.

By this morning I still felt fuzzy but pretty much back to normal.  So it wasn’t a restful weekend but we accomplished a lot!  And we did get plenty of snuggles.

Here is hoping for a quick week.  🙂

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